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Past projects

  1. Golf Swing Ring Trainer 
Redesgn and re-engineering of golf training aid. Ring-rolled aluminium main tube (hinges for storage see special cast...
  2. Flatbed Contact Printer 
Design of machine enclosure and control panel for pre-print industry.
  3. Special cast hinge. 
For Golf Swing Trainer (see cover picture) Allows main tubular ring to be folded in half for storage. Spigots fit into tube...
  4. Ruggedised Radio Enclosure. 
Design of main radio enclosure casing (machined precision sand cast aluminium) for main train radio fitted to all...
  5. Electron microscope console. 
(X-ray Scanning Auger Microprobe no less) 
Design of console enclosure and three main control panels. Also some...
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