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  1. SOLD: Indexer, ISEL CSD 405-IMC and GFM 4433 controllers
  2. FOR SALE: Nice aluminium rack mounted enclosure, possible casing for cnc electronics
  3. FOR SALE: Selling z axis complete set up
  4. FOR SALE: 2 x Colchester Chipmaster Lathes ***Quck Sale***
  5. FOR SALE: Denford Triac
  6. FOR SALE: Hobbymat MD65 Metal lathe
  7. FOR SALE: Emco V10p for sale
  8. FOR SALE: Polypropylene compound
  9. FOR SALE: Myford ML10 CNC lathe for sale.
  10. FOR SALE: CNC3040 with PC & Monitor (Mach3)
  11. FOR SALE: Gecko G540 Controller & Accessories
  12. FOR SALE: Boxford TCL160- Converted to Mach3
  13. FOR SALE: Carbon Fibre Sheet 2mm (all carbon 3k)
  14. FOR SALE: ZenToolWorks 7X7 CNC with PC and Touchscreen Monitor for Sale
  15. FOR SALE: wabeco ccf1210e cnc mill and wabeco d2400e lathe.
  16. FOR SALE: Linear Rails for CNC 15mm x 580mm (22.5 inches)
  17. FOR SALE: Denford Starmill Mach3 Converted
  18. FOR SALE: 3mX2m 6 tool multi toll with vacuum bed
  19. FOR SALE: Xyz 560 cnc mini milling machine high spec 2007 - only used occassionally excellent
  20. FOR SALE: Bridgeport Mill Textron
  21. SOLD: Various small CNC machines - ISEL/Unimatic
  22. FOR SALE: Free! 1u Server Power Supplies
  23. SOLD: ISEL Flatcom 20 (700x600mm) with AM882 drivers
  24. FOR SALE: Leinen Lathe - L4Z - 3 Phase
  25. FOR SALE: 16mm round rail, bearings and clamps - 300mm long
  26. FOR SALE: Galil 1880 8 axis PCI motion controller
  27. FOR SALE: Evolution compound mitre saw under 60 one day only
  28. FOR SALE: Marchant dice cnc router mill compatiable with mach 3
  29. FOR SALE: large aliminium modular table 350
  30. FOR SALE: Various Steppers, servos, drives for sale
  31. FOR SALE: 500 Vertical milling machine on stand, ready for steppers and control system
  32. FOR SALE: 24v 20 amp ABB switching power supply 90
  33. FOR SALE: 65mm motor mount 40 posted
  34. FOR SALE: Large linear power supply
  35. FOR SALE: Sieg x3
  36. FOR SALE: Various fasteners & fittings for aluminium profile
  37. FOR SALE: redsail c150 laser - ideal plasma conversion
  38. FOR SALE: Seig KX1 CNC Milling Machine
  39. FOR SALE: Novamill, converted for Mach3 for sale.
  40. FOR SALE: Pssst. Compressor - grab a bargain!
  41. FOR SALE: Conect 121 CNC Lathe
  42. FOR SALE: Polyprop compound for sale
  43. FOR SALE: Leadshine HBS86 kit - 8.0Nm motor + driver
  44. FOR SALE: Withdrawn
  45. FOR SALE: Gecko Drive G251 drives + heatsink
  46. FOR SALE: ArcEuroTrade 650Ncm 14mm Shaft stepper motor
  47. FOR SALE: Galil Motion Controller - PCI DMC 1842 - four axes
  48. FOR SALE: How to measure the use of the imperial bearing temperature
  49. FOR SALE: Axminster Drill Clamps - buy one get one free
  50. FOR SALE: Homemade 'Coventry' Type Easy Change Toolholders
  51. FOR SALE: Any one wishing to buy a CNC length stop bench can make me a offer
  52. FOR SALE: Nema 34 12Nm stepper motor
  53. FOR SALE: pdmx 107 spindle speed control board
  54. FOR SALE: Delta pump
  55. FOR SALE: Emco mill 50 cnc mill like Denford Triac
  56. SOLD: Emco Unimat 3
  57. FOR SALE: 3 sets of 4 xl pulleys and a plasma machine torch
  58. FOR SALE: bridgeport interact 4
  59. FOR SALE: Exel HD1013 heavy duty CNC router
  60. FOR SALE: Coronet Minorette for sale
  61. FOR SALE: 1.5kw chinese spindle with VFD
  62. FOR SALE: 3 nema23 sanyo 3a 6.35 shaft 4 wire motors - 3 3a 24v 6560 drivers - 24v 15a psu 100
  63. FOR SALE: Dmm tech ac servo motors and drives, linear rails, ball screws and mini mill parts
  64. FOR SALE: 3 nema 23 sanyo denki motors 56mm 3a - 3 4.5a tb6600 36v drives - one 36v psu 125
  65. FOR SALE: Heavy Duty Ballscrew setups with Bearing, Ballnut - Price drop 04/07 - 100
  66. FOR SALE: Various CNC Components, Steppers, Drivers, Hiwin linear guides, Gearboxes (SIBONI)
  67. FOR SALE: SOLD - Please Delete
  68. FOR SALE: Supef PID 2
  69. FOR SALE: parts for sale
  70. FOR SALE: Boxford A3 HSRI 3D High Speed Router
  71. FOR SALE: For sale great Starmill with ATC controlled by mach3
  72. FOR SALE: Pair of Thorex Nylon Faced & Body Hammers in size 32mm & 44mm
  73. FOR SALE: SALE on at Axminster Tools
  74. FOR SALE: HOBBYMAT BFE 65 / CNC conversion.
  75. FOR SALE: Re my Starmill with Automatic Tool Changer running on mach3
  76. FOR SALE: Proximity sensors
  77. FOR SALE: Gerber System 48+ Parts for sale
  78. FOR SALE: Really Nice E-Stop / Control Panel / Box
  79. FOR SALE: Mint condition denford triac p.c.
  80. FOR SALE: Grade 66 Nylon Sheet Off-cuts
  81. FOR SALE: Selling due to moving to Oz
  82. FOR SALE: power supply
  83. FOR SALE: CNC3040 'Upgraded' complete with PC & Monitor (Mach3, Vectric Vcarve + Cut3D)
  84. FOR SALE: Bridgeport acme screws
  85. FOR SALE: leewood 3 axis controller from an isel 3 axis cnc
  86. FOR SALE: Stepfour cnc router
  87. FOR SALE: Denford Starmill with ATC
  88. FOR SALE: FREE to good home
  89. FOR SALE: Denford Triac Bench Milling Machine
  90. FOR SALE: Cnc software for sale installed on a pc running xp
  91. FOR SALE: JET drum sander abrasive strip
  92. FOR SALE: 3D crystal glass engraving machine and 3D camera for sale
  93. FOR SALE: Boxford 160 TCL Bench Top Lathe
  94. FOR SALE: Boxford Vertical Machining Centre 190VMC Excellent Condition
  95. FOR SALE: Desktop CNC Routers for sale
  96. FOR SALE: Denford Starturn
  97. FOR SALE: Roland engravers
  98. FOR SALE: Denford Starmill
  99. FOR SALE: Air Compressors
  100. FOR SALE: Boxford 190VMC cnc milling machine
  101. FOR SALE: CNC Parts... Rails ect.
  102. FOR SALE: geiss 840 5 axis router /trimmer
  103. FOR SALE: Various CNC items for sale
  104. FOR SALE: pmdx spindle board unused
  105. FOR SALE: Videos of the ATC etc working on my Starmill for sale 1,500 details on this site.
  106. FOR SALE: isel fb1 table about 550 by 550mm new motors new tb6600 drivers new usb breakout
  107. FOR SALE: Various tooling
  108. FOR SALE: Four lengths of 3 1/4" X 300mm 6082 Round Aluminium
  109. FOR SALE: Gerber System 48 Plus CNC Router For Sale
  110. FOR SALE: 3 off 250mm Lengths of 6082 Aluminium Plate
  111. FOR SALE: Metric BZP Nyloc Locknut,Hexagonal Nut & Washer Pack
  112. SOLD: Aluminium plates/blocks with sawn edges and the odd minor surface scratch
  113. FOR SALE: Four Large 6082/T6 Aluminium Blocks
  114. FOR SALE: SBR 20 supported round rails and bearing blocks
  115. FOR SALE: Roland MDX-40 CNC Milling machine
  116. FOR SALE: Grade 6 Nylon Lengths/Blocks
  117. FOR SALE: Pack of Metric BZP Nyloc Lock Nuts,Hexagonal Nuts & Washers
  118. FOR SALE: 3 Axis CNC USB Motion Card Mach3 200KHz Breakout Board For Stepper/Servo Driver
  119. FOR SALE: Gerber System 48+ Main Contactor
  120. FOR SALE: 1100W (1.5HP) / Max. 6000RPM, (Brushless Motor and Driver)
  121. FOR SALE: 3 x 8 wire nema 23's 8mm dual shaft bi-polar parrallel 76mm
  122. FOR SALE: Pack of Omron servo drivers + cables
  123. FOR SALE: 6 tool ATC for lathe
  124. FOR SALE: 160v dc servo drive
  125. FOR SALE: We have this Desk top tutor on ebay if it is any use to anyone
  126. FOR SALE: 3x lambda power supplies
  127. FOR SALE: Linear bearings Heavy duty
  128. FOR SALE: Batch of 3 6082/T6 Aluminium Plates
  129. FOR SALE: YG1 Standard Length Two Flute Slot Drills - 8 new cutters
  130. FOR SALE: Chester Machine stand
  131. FOR SALE: fixed gantry router/mill up for grabs
  132. FOR SALE: pmdx 126 break out board and pmdx spindle speed board offers
  133. FOR SALE: brand new hiwin rail
  134. FOR SALE: head stock with chuck for 4th axis slant bed etc
  135. FOR SALE: atc tool holders, 3/4in er25 collet holders x10
  136. FOR SALE: SIEG SUPER X 3 PROJECT un finshed cnc conversion
  137. FOR SALE: 240v decent electric filter
  138. FOR SALE: Metric BZP Nyloc Locknut, 100 per bag
  139. FOR SALE: Grade 66 Black Round Nylon - 80mm O/Dx300mm
  140. FOR SALE: DENFORD Starmill pc cnc hardly used, PLUS computers and original software
  141. FOR SALE: K40 laser not working (laser fires)
  142. FOR SALE: Grade 6 Nylon Blocks
  143. SOLD: Sino 2 Axis mill DRO and optical encoders (chester/ warco)
  144. FOR SALE: Robot !!!
  145. FOR SALE: Gerber system 48 cnc router for sale
  146. FOR SALE: Polyurethane model board, Prolab 65, Obomodulan off cuts for sale
  147. FOR SALE: CNC router 8 x 4
  148. FOR SALE: CNC 4 axis Foam Cutting Machine
  149. SOLD: Roland MDX-40 2,000
  150. FOR SALE: Puls Dimension 24VDC power supplies
  151. FOR SALE: Various machine building, cnc related bits
  152. SOLD: Roland MDX-40 CNC Milling Machine
  153. FOR SALE: Selling my desktop CNC machine
  154. FOR SALE: Denford Triac CNC PC
  155. FOR SALE: For Sale : CNC Converted Super X1 MicroMill from SIEG as sold by Arc Euro Traders
  156. FOR SALE: Samsung Notebook NP300E5B laptop with 2014 CAD Software loaded and working.
  157. FOR SALE: Flexible cable track ARKO 22x80 R60
  158. FOR SALE: FOR SALE 2 x Denfords with 1 operating PC
  159. FOR SALE: K40 for repair / spares
  160. FOR SALE: For Sale Syil X7 plus CNC Milling machine
  161. FOR SALE: new hiwin rail + blocks
  162. FOR SALE: servo motor + driver + power supply, plate
  163. FOR SALE: boxford 125 tcl for sale
  164. FOR SALE: Large CNC Router For Sale, Leicestershire
  165. FOR SALE: 3 x 2meter lengths of mod1.5 rack
  166. FOR SALE: CNC USB Pendant Handwheel ShuttleRU_STM32 with Touch Screen 2.8" LCD for Mach3
  167. FOR SALE: Mc-1900 - linear mini cool 19 seg's
  168. FOR SALE: for sale: Denford Novamill
  169. FOR SALE: Gecko G540 Driver
  170. FOR SALE: 3x80v drivers+70vpower supply+bob
  171. FOR SALE: uc300 motion control board slighly used
  172. FOR SALE: uc300 motion control board slighly used
  173. FOR SALE: FOR FREE 3D printing filament
  174. FOR SALE: Assembled Working Portabee
  175. FOR SALE: Parker BLX75 Servo Drives
  176. FOR SALE: SFU1605 500mm + end supports + nut
  177. FOR SALE: Er11 1.5kw spindle
  178. FOR SALE: Tormach PCNC 1100 for sale
  179. FOR SALE: 4x4 3d CNC machine for sale
  180. FOR SALE: Rye CNC route for sale , parts or repair
  181. FOR SALE: Cnc router for sale (4x4
  182. FOR SALE: SFU1605 Ballscrews and Nuts 950mm, 1150mm and 1500mm, SBR16 950 Rail, SBR20 1150 Rail
  183. FOR SALE: Slot 8 160mm x 16mm x 450mm long Alu Profile Bedplate - 3 pieces - new and unused
  184. FOR SALE: ISEL GFm 4433 for sale
  185. FOR SALE: Dormer Carbide Milling Cutters
  186. FOR SALE: Large 85x260x290 Aluminium Block
  187. FOR SALE: Boxford 160 lathe
  188. FOR SALE: CNC project
  189. FOR SALE: Free - metal cabinet
  190. FOR SALE: Wadkin cc2000s router for sale
  191. FOR SALE: Oxford 0-25mn Metric/Imperial Digital Micrometer with SPC
  192. FOR SALE: Moore & Wright 110-DBL Digital Caliper 8" - 200mm
  193. FOR SALE: Surplus Genuine Bosch Rexroth Materials
  194. FOR SALE: UTP 5.0x350 Special Welding Electrodes (quantity 64)
  195. FOR SALE: CNCRouterParts Benchtop PRO CNC 2'x2'
  196. FOR SALE: ITC 3051 10mm 3 Flute Long Length Carbide Ali End Mills
  197. FOR SALE: Aluminium Blocks 150x155x155mm
  198. FOR SALE: FOR SALE: Complete Plasma controller package for DIY tables - CandCNC BladeRunner
  199. FOR SALE: Sieg X3 and Stand
  200. FOR SALE: panasonic minas a4 200w 3 drivers and 3 new motors, plus an isel fb2 with motor
  201. FOR SALE: boxford duet
  202. FOR SALE: Inductive proximity sensors
  203. FOR SALE: Denford TRIAC Servo VMC 1PH
  204. FOR SALE: Gecko G540 for sale
  205. FOR SALE: 2 x SBR20 1150mm, 2 x SBR16 950mm, SFU1605 950, 1150 and 1500mm + nuts - 150 the lot
  206. FOR SALE: Linear rail and bearing blocks
  207. FOR SALE: Denford Starmill ATC
  208. FOR SALE: Renishaw HPMA and RP3 Tool Setting Arm
  209. FOR SALE: Full size 8'x'4' CNC Urgent sale
  210. FOR SALE: novamill for sale
  211. Porter + Cable spindle
  212. FOR SALE: CNC Router Predator
  213. FOR SALE: UcanCam Version 10 software for sale
  214. FOR SALE: garage clearout ali extrusion, linear rails, ballscrews
  215. FOR SALE: Basic vacuum table setup 400x200- used 1-2 times
  216. FOR SALE: Emco mill 50 for sale
  217. FOR SALE: Boxford 160tcl Lathe and 260 vmc milling machine with full boxford software for sale
  218. Steel base
  219. FOR SALE: Stepcraft 420 V1 (like new) for 650
  220. FOR SALE: Coventry Easy Change 6mm Endmill Holder
  221. FOR SALE: 3 phase joinery woodworking machines for sale on the Isle of wight
  222. FOR SALE: Mesa control boards
  223. FOR SALE: Bridgeport retrofit
  224. FOR SALE: Coventry Quick Change Tooling
  225. 7 Colours 6 Values Bootlace Ferrules Kit
  226. FOR SALE: JMC servo kit for sal
  227. FOR SALE: Austin Allen Gnat 250 PRT
  228. FOR SALE: Need a z axis? This is your lucky day!
  229. No longer for sale. Isel CPM 3020 and EduCam 20
  230. FOR SALE: Easy Change ISO30 with chucks & collets
  231. FOR SALE: Selling base of 3d models 90Gb
  232. FOR SALE: CNC DIY router 410mm x 350mm x 80mm
  233. FOR SALE: For Sale - Small D/Top CNC/Mach3 router
  234. FOR SALE: Machines for sale - many! Open to offers!
  235. SOLD: KRV 2000 converted to run with Mach3. 4 axis capable including some tools
  236. FOR SALE: Eding cnc controller
  237. FOR SALE: Boxford 260 VMC boards on offer
  238. FOR SALE: Boxford Model A Lathe
  239. FOR SALE: 1.5kW spindle and matching 1.5kW VFD
  240. FOR SALE: Unfinished Project - Fixed Gantry M/C - 500x400x100mm Approx - Cost over 3K in parts
  241. FOR SALE: Denford Triac VMC with Tool Changer
  242. FOR SALE: For Sale - High-Z 400 Model CNC with Accessories - Lightly Used
  243. FOR SALE: FOR SALE Denford Triac VMC With ATC
  244. FOR SALE: CNC Machine With 3kw water cooled spindle & 4th Rotary Axis Only 5 Months old
  245. FOR SALE: Proton mf70 cnc for sale
  246. FOR SALE: 2 x Denford Novamill cnc machines + table.
  247. FOR SALE: Boxford Duet Mk2 CNC Lathe / Mill for Sale
  248. FOR SALE: Denford Novamill for sale
  249. FOR SALE: For sale - 1605 ball screws & nuts. new unused
  250. FOR SALE: Denford Triac PC for sale with VR milling software and specialist machine table.