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  1. FOR SALE: BOXFORD VMC 190 CNC for sale
  2. FOR SALE: Arburg C4 plastic injection moulding machine
  3. FOR SALE: Rampf Raku Tool Board
  4. FOR SALE: Solidscape T66BT2 3d Printer
  5. FOR SALE: Bridgport EZ path s
  6. FOR SALE: 2.2kw Spindle + VFD
  7. FOR SALE: Interwood/Watford overhead router single phase 840
  8. FOR SALE: FREE: Metal case 60x42x20 cm, 5 computer PSUs, in York.
  9. FOR SALE: 4" Rotary Table with Stepper Motor & 4 jaw chuck
  10. FOR SALE: For Sale: Unimatic 3 Axis Table & Controller
  11. FOR SALE: Mill / Router For Sale...
  12. FOR SALE: Step Four 760 Precise full package
  13. FOR SALE: Denford Triac PC
  14. FOR SALE: Denford Novamilla
  15. FOR SALE: PC Trackballs
  16. FOR SALE: Aluminium HE9 - ideal for machining 10ft by 18" pieces 6mm thick
  17. FOR SALE: Brand new Hiwin hgh25cah 4 blocks 2 rail 1000mm
  18. FOR SALE: Workbench CNC frame
  19. FOR SALE: Denford Novamill
  20. FOR SALE: PSU Rectifier + Capacitor smoothing board for toroidal transformer
  21. FOR SALE: Lots of 1.23Nm and 1.0Nm Nema 23 stepper motors
  22. FOR SALE: Engraver, free to good home.
  23. FOR SALE: Mesa 5i25 and 7i76
  24. FOR SALE: Full Triac Electrical
  25. SOLD: Denford StarMill ATC CNC
  26. FOR SALE: Boxford 260 VMC
  27. FOR SALE: Parts For Sale - Servo Drives, Controller, 3Kw Motor, Transformers
  28. FOR SALE: Travin TP2 Plastic Extruder.
  29. FOR SALE: Viceroy Junior Sharpedge 10.
  30. FOR SALE: 20mm supported rails plus machined ballscrews as a kit
  31. FOR SALE: Denford Triac PC inc Denford table plus chucks, and Denford CD software etc
  32. FOR SALE: Denford Triac + Denford Orac + other stuff
  33. FOR SALE: Sheet Metal Roller.
  34. FOR SALE: FOR FREE - rack computer cabinets
  35. FOR SALE: ISEL Flatcom 40 1200mm x 800mm
  36. FOR SALE: Stepper Motor Power Supply From Zapp Automation
  37. FOR SALE: AWC 608 Laser Cutter DSP
  38. SOLD: FOR SALE: SmartStep/3 board
  39. SOLD: 1200 x 800 x 200 CNC
  40. FOR SALE: CNC frame or completed machine
  41. FOR SALE: Gecko Drive G340 ServoDrive
  42. FOR SALE: Isel gfm4433
  43. FOR SALE: Colchester 3250 Lathe- Peterborough
  44. FOR SALE: 3-axis, Rhonmac R1824 (460mm x 610mm x 75mm), bench-top, router for sale
  45. FOR SALE: Renishaw HPMA plus RP3 Tool setting probe - FOR SALE
  46. FOR SALE: Denford Triac Control Parts
  47. Stainless water table - FREE
  48. SOLD: Boxford VMC 300 CNC Milling machine with ATC (Mach3 converted)
  49. Small DIY CNC Rauter
  50. Unimat 3 Lathe CNC Converted
  51. FOR SALE: Pacer AXYZ Compact CNC router and Pacer 2500HD cnc router
  52. FOR SALE: Castrol spheerol ap 3
  53. FOR SALE: Denford CNC Baruffaldi Lathe Tool Holders
  54. FOR SALE: Contents of recently closed workshop