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  1. WANTED: wanted automatic chuck
  2. WANTED: Supported rail - a couple of lengths of any size for an experiment!
  3. WANTED: 3 ball screws ~ 1000mm long
  4. WANTED: Denford Triac Euro Card, 2.1 Eprom or USB Rack card
  5. WANTED: Wanted 3 axis CNC knee mill urgently , bridgeport XYZ AJAX etc.
  6. WANTED: Roland CAMM-3 PNC-3200
  7. WANTED: Wanted: VFDs for experiments ... any condition
  8. WANTED: Kress 1050 FME-1 Parts
  9. WANTED: Small CNC machine denford triac boxford vmc
  10. WANTED: Wanted router able to machine brass and aluminium
  11. WANTED: Denford triac atc wanted
  12. WANTED: Tormach PCNC 1100
  13. WANTED: Denford Triac wanted
  14. WANTED: Wanted small wood turning chuck
  15. WANTED: 1300 x 900mm laser required
  16. WANTED: 40-60w laser machine
  17. WANTED: Repack ballnut
  18. WANTED: Hiwin style carriage recondition
  19. WANTED: Boxford 160 perspex guard
  20. WANTED: Step1 stepper drive board from Conqueror Design
  21. WANTED: HTG5A1S MASSO CNC Controller
  22. WANTED: Conqueror Design stepper driver or stepper conversion board
  23. WANTED: Small CNC Lathe
  24. WANTED: Wanted router spindle.
  25. WANTED: Coventry easy change tool holders
  26. WANTED: Tormach 1100
  27. WANTED: bosch rexroth 90mm2 legs x4 plus some 90 by 45 lengths - oh and a complete y gantry
  28. WANTED: Nokia 3310
  29. WANTED: Omron R88M-U200 or Yaskawa SGM/SGMP-02A Servos
  30. WANTED: Boxford VMC (mach3 or uncoverted)
  31. WANTED: Smooth Stepper and MB2 BOB
  32. WANTED: Wanted Tormach PCNC 1100 for sale in uk
  33. WANTED: Boxford Vmc 300 with atc or Denford Vmc 1300pro
  34. WANTED: SCHOOL DT Dept needs basic Denford or Roland router running 2D Design
  35. WANTED: Mesa 5i25 and or 7i76 please
  36. WANTED: Kress spindle
  37. WANTED: CNC Hobby Mill wanted