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  1. Blooming stainless, grumble moan complain
  2. Aluminium Grades
  3. Machining hardened ballscrews
  4. drilling brass?
  5. Need to drill a spanner shaft
  6. Home Anodising Aluminium and the elusive Sulphuric acid
  7. Stick with Ali profile or venture into plate?
  8. What I did this weekend.. part 1
  9. What I did this weekend.. part 2
  10. Tapping Aluminium extrusion
  11. What is the best sheet alloy for machining?
  12. Straight sections of box steel
  13. routing aluminium help :)
  14. Which grade aluminium?
  15. Threadmilling
  16. Has anyone made any metal tank treads for 1/16th models?
  17. Knurling Pitch and diameter calculator spread-sheet
  18. Machining Aluminium
  19. Milling Steel?
  20. stainless steel fasteners - quality
  21. 6mm shaft to 6.35mm hole?
  22. Can you identify this paint on metal finish..?
  23. 4130 Steel
  24. Cutting lead flashing?
  25. Milling Sheet Aluminium
  26. How to cnc cut 1-2mm stainless sheet ??
  27. traveling steady, turning 1/2 bar down over 10".
  28. edge finish - ripples and ridges
  29. What is Steel 25BG?
  30. Minimum thread engagement
  31. expanding foam and steel frame
  32. Which is easier to machine on a manual lathe 12.9 or EN24 steel?
  33. Multi thread cutting
  34. Cutting metal shapes
  35. Identifying Steel types.
  36. Clamping question
  37. threading ground bar ends
  38. Some general questions. Drilling and pocketing.
  39. Box section tube straightness
  40. cutting and engraving sheet alu and copper with cnc router
  41. Source for 0.5mm CZ120 brass?
  42. Flash POP Warning
  43. Any tips for deep slots/profiling in aluminium?
  44. Aluminium cutting
  45. Cutting Aluminium With A Cheapo 3020 CNC
  46. Steel vs Aluminium
  47. Making a part on hobby CNC miller
  48. Notching 316 stainless tube on my CNC mill cutter tip choice
  49. Advice on turning a part
  50. How would I mill this?
  51. Reaming question
  52. Lathe Indexing Tools
  53. Dressing Grinding Wheels
  54. Aluminium Repair and joining without welding
  55. Machining a double D
  56. Joining aluminium extrusion lengthways
  57. Need some help and advice, ideas for finishing a detail
  58. Drilling/tapping in ends/side of aluminium plate
  59. Best way to drill/tap a lathe carriage
  60. Metal Bandsaw or Cut-Off Saw?
  61. Please help with a few questions
  62. Need to make a splined socket shaft
  63. help
  64. Can someone cut my drawings?
  65. Technical Help
  66. Help Needed! Small Hobby Jobs!
  67. Metal Stock Purchasing UK
  68. Tap removal
  69. tap and die size help
  70. Arc movement issue
  71. Aluminium Profile
  72. Bolt Selection thickness
  73. Ruffel's cnc cutting journey
  74. Wall thickness/Thread advice
  75. Gas Strut placement
  76. Feed and SPEED !!! for mill end and carbide inserts help please
  77. Thread milling shallow bind hole
  78. Feed & speed for milling engraving brass
  79. Hmm - is it unrealistic to use feed/speed calculators on home built machines?
  80. Is there any such thing as a stock shaft material?
  81. Turning hard materials
  82. Best way to cut a 7.5 slot x 35mm
  83. High-tensile steel
  84. What's the of Armoured Steel
  85. Lathe Tools
  86. Cheap Reversible Threading Attachment?
  87. Eco Cast Plate or similar - Tolerances
  88. Drilling 0.2mm holes on aluminium
  89. Dowel holes reamer or interpolation?
  90. Noobs' Feeds & Speeds
  91. How tricky would this be to machine? I guess a Triac is not up to the job!
  92. How to drill faster in brass
  93. Machining airspace parts please heeelp!!!!!
  94. Runout, HSS drills and dowel holes
  95. How to get the best flatness
  96. Drill bit for brass