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  1. are these a newwer version usb break out board the ones from austrailia - better?
  2. I think I have flunked up - what d'ya think
  3. what are your immediate thoughts looking at this psu/ drives and bob in a box
  4. Control Schematic Advice
  5. Pmdx-126
  6. probing on all metal machine
  7. EMI Filters, any purpose in a diy control circuit?
  8. Relay V Contactor
  9. AM882 Alarm Circuit
  10. Proximity switch NPN or PNP
  11. Component Check
  12. Noise, Interference, and unexplained electrical behaviour
  13. Board and Motors package - opinions sought
  14. those 55 usb bob's and those 5 tb6560 drivers pic for scale of them = tiny!!
  15. Need to slow down a signal due to Safe Torque Off alarm
  16. Use of microstepping, external motion control boards, and related issues
  17. PSU wiring help needed
  18. Univelop TB6560 BOB & Vexta Motors refuse to run
  19. CNC newbie electronics query
  20. Ground loops and earthing
  21. Which cables to shield?
  22. CNC newbie electronics query II
  23. 2m542 source or sink current help?
  24. Help needed with proximity switches
  25. Flasher circuit using a BD679
  26. Which Type of Limit Switch
  27. electronics query newbie
  28. Plcm-e4
  29. What is meant by 4-core CY cable?
  30. Just set up electronics but no x axis motion
  31. How to change breakout board
  32. 5v supplies for breakout board
  33. CNC ELECTRONICS Power Supply
  34. Spindle encoder ideas needed
  35. help with problem please
  36. flood damage to trannys,,, any advice
  37. What should a pendant look like?
  38. Getting the stepper to turn
  39. What Toroidal parts do i need
  40. daft question on LED indicators and high VDC
  41. BOB\Driver crashing? on CNC Plasma table.
  42. Basic 540 CNC. Motors skipping pulses?
  43. PSU help needed
  44. CNC3040t probe tool
  45. Safety Equipment
  46. minebea telecoms 50v psu
  47. doubling voltage with two identical psu?
  48. Q: 24V Line driver IC
  49. Using current as cutting force indicator?
  50. Planning on a build: how to select a good driver+motor combo?
  51. 6040 earthing
  52. views on bootlace ferrules?
  53. Connecting power supply for 220v
  54. Connecting BOB one axis to 2 stepper drivers
  55. Power supply understanding
  56. feedrate override using rotary momentary switch?
  57. Ebay CNC Motor/Driver Kit - Please recommend one
  58. Recommended 4 pin plug/socket type etc
  59. How to mount the switch?
  60. Extending CY cable?
  61. Motor tuning and switches
  62. Control panel wire gauge question?
  63. Riveting pcb holes - engineering type input sought!
  64. using 250V 10A power coord for VFD 2.2kw
  65. Please HELP - Need advice to pick up my first Breakout Board
  66. Slaved axis, 2 steppers on Y axis with a PLC4x-G2 ? what about the XP23 connector ?
  67. IEC 60309 / Commando socket installation cost
  68. Limit Switch wiring question
  69. What connectors?
  70. Breakout board recommendations
  71. PSU Assistance
  72. not enough current for relays?
  73. Which PSU and drivers do I need ?
  74. The more I read, the more lost I get. Help me suite my first build.
  75. 3 wire proximity switch help
  76. Relay coil burning out
  77. Control box wiring: cables, terminals, connectors etc.
  78. NEE AMC-E schematic or suggested alternative control boards
  79. formula for capacitor on 3 phase motor
  80. Electronics for New Machine + Chinese Spindle + VFD
  81. Is this motor faulty?
  82. How to wire the enable pin on a stepper drive?
  83. Limit switch problem
  84. Vacuum pump wiring
  85. Failed toroidal transformer
  86. stepper motors not moving
  87. Power supply help
  88. Advice needed for controller box layout
  89. do you need help with elctronics
  90. Spindle grounding
  91. Why star ground????
  92. Motor control
  93. E-Stop input problem
  94. Limits, homes, override switch
  95. Huanyung FVD PD002 not working
  96. Proma elektronika torch height controler any good
  97. VFD interference problem
  98. machine stops when homing
  99. Z drive not working
  100. Help with proximity sensors
  101. Mitsubushi Servos
  102. PCB Wizard to Mache3
  103. Wiring 3 wire proximity switches in series
  104. Opto isolated Bob and drivers causing a strange fault.
  105. BoB Suggestions within UK
  106. Anybody repaired an encoder?
  107. Edge Probe + tool length probe on same input
  108. Power Supply Capacitor
  109. A right balls up with CJ variable speed control drive wiring
  110. VFD supplied by RCBO vs MCB?
  111. Need help with a prom 150 THC
  112. Correct wire for stepper motors??
  113. Spindle Interference
  114. Bench Multimeter for 30
  115. Basic Electronics Tutorials Links
  116. Share some PCB design sites which may be helpful
  117. Electrical product advice needed
  118. Limit switch problems
  119. AA rechargable battery (special ?)
  120. SEM DC Motor Issues
  121. Wiring 24v NPN Proximity Switch to 5v BOB - Why does'nt it work
  122. Amp rating of switches.
  123. SSO/FRO (Spindle Speed/Feed Rate Override)
  124. 2 x Toroidal transformers question
  125. Supplier for RCD suitable for VFDs?
  126. Kinco 2M2280N
  127. 500VA Toroid - Relay or Contactor?
  128. Low resolution absolute encoder source?
  129. Breakout Board expandability...CNCdrive based control system
  130. PSU question
  131. What happened to DIYCNC.co.uk ?
  132. Electrical schematics drawing software
  133. What Limit Switches?
  134. Controlling 6 stepper motors and 2 spindles on a budget
  135. RCD tripping
  136. help please with toroidal transformers selection
  137. Please don't push 14A through that PCB !!!
  138. Proximity switch "contact bounce"
  139. help needed with breakout board UCNCV4
  140. Back- E.M.F. questions
  141. GRBL milling stopping randomly
  142. Currently designing a BOB - Would you be interested?
  143. HEIDENHAIN VRZ 731B - Blowing Fuses
  144. 2spindles/6stepper motors
  145. PWM Settings
  146. NO vs NC
  147. Video on different sensor types
  148. Help needed with Mach 3 - reset external flashing light
  149. which breakout board?
  150. Can anybody recommend a CNC cape for the Beaglebone Black available in the UK?
  151. Mysterious Z axis errors
  152. overcurrent alarm on em806 driver
  153. PDMX 126 with AM822 drivers and relays.
  154. tool probe problem
  155. FRO/SSO Potentiometer recommendations?
  156. 555 timer circuit to control 12v solenoid air valve (for intermittent bursts of air).
  157. Where can i get a capacitor for my bridgeport vmc1000?
  158. why would they sell a 2A lamp switch?
  159. larger stepper motor needed
  160. 60-70v unregulated power supply recommendations
  161. New machine has knackered control box :-( Need a new one
  162. Please can someone help me with my 1610 mini desktop cnc
  163. What plug type is this?
  164. Stepper Motor Wiring
  165. Help with breakboard selection
  166. Stepper drivers and breakout board
  167. Dead 6040 controller box
  168. 3 pin npn LJ12A3-4-Z/AX proximity switch help
  169. UHU Servo Controller build
  170. Solid state relay for ON/OFF VFD
  171. !need Help CNC6040Z USB Limit switch wiring!
  172. Please help me build a power supply safely
  173. Question about sink/source on motor controller to bob
  174. Oldchippy
  175. Laser for cheap 1610 router. TTL and PWM concepts
  176. Homing with proximity sensors
  177. How I repaired my Chinese 24V/15A Power supply.
  178. limit switches on cnc
  179. Name the vfd part?
  180. Cnc wiring!
  181. Multiple EMI filters versus a single filter for multiple drives
  182. 3 quick questions in regards to controller
  183. Static converter to power a cnc Lathe???
  184. DIYCNC version 2 board
  185. Which power supply to use
  186. High Precision Homing Switch
  187. Leadshine Mx3660 shunt regulator query
  188. Can you help please ? electronics advice
  189. Vfd drives/dc motor drives question
  190. leadshine mx3660 4th axis query
  191. Failing SPS705 power supply (68vdc Leadshine)
  192. choosing a bleed resistor
  193. help needed with my set up
  194. vfd query about the program settings for XSY-AT1 and air cooled spindle
  195. UC300eth UB1 wiring help.
  196. Schematic question wiring Am882 ALM Alarm, Limits and Security Relay Pilz S5 ?
  197. Transformer for Power Supply
  198. 2HSS86H Driver... AC or DC PSU?
  199. HY VFD and spindle at low speed
  200. Help needed
  201. Wiring of HY vfd unit
  202. Uccnc software question
  203. Reversing a stepper motor wiring help
  204. Help with VFD paramaters to an old 3 phase motor
  205. Help with Mach 3 - Cant get the motors to respond
  206. Help with motor and drivers wiring and setup
  207. pwm schematic help required please?
  208. Mach refusing to detect an E-stop input
  209. Grounding and probe
  210. 12V air pressure system to clear chips?
  211. Proximity wiring for limit switches, safety relay and a contactor
  212. Servo Manuals - Chinese Sellers
  213. Difference in drives MA860H
  214. Cheap reliable connectors
  215. Leadshine EM806 - Am I using them properly?
  216. 5 axis breakout board and UC400eth query
  217. Hall effect proximity sensors
  218. Help please on DM542T Stepper Drivers
  219. Help me to choose transformer
  220. Spindle not spinning and got warm to touch
  221. Quick question
  222. Isolation Routing PCBs
  223. Wiring toroidal transformer in parallel
  224. VFD spindle control safety
  225. Tidy Cabinet Wiring
  226. About homing and switches...
  227. Pilz PNOZ 4 safety relay reliability
  228. About my Thoroid transformer...
  229. Spindle cable a bit stiff??