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  1. Help with plasma controller build
  2. First cnc build drive advice needed
  3. Purchasing new parts for new build.
  4. eBay Nema23 Stepper mounts
  5. Setting up and tuning dual-motor X axis
  6. What MOD rack size to use?
  7. Shipping of long profile rails
  8. Kompass H 1000 GS
  9. Needs helps to see if will work this machine.
  10. Recommendations for Z Axis?
  11. Cheap (<200$) DIY wood router
  12. Kompas 2000 machines...any feedback
  13. New build a stronger machine for my workspace.
  14. Initial design advise wanted
  15. building with steel tubing pre-welded plates with holes doable?
  16. DIY 6040 CNC - advice required!
  17. gantry weight
  18. Changing to Hiwin design from round supported parts advice grateful.
  19. is there too much going on with the z axis?
  20. Fixed Gantry small precision begineer project advice
  21. Project "Deep Thought"
  22. Give me your opinion about hobby CNC router!
  23. machine bedding options in Australia
  24. Axis scaling errors - is this just to be expected with C7 screws?
  25. Physicist trying to do engineering. Not going well. After advice with 4 axis gantry.
  26. Help with Problem X axis Stepper Please
  27. Igus Drylin-T
  28. My First CnC - Power Inverter Location
  29. Seek advice on which small quality router to buy/build ...
  30. Kress 1050 FME-1 Parts
  31. Mach3 Setting up home and limit switches
  32. Control box
  33. Chinese spindle teaming!!! (Or lack there of)
  34. 3 axis lathe/mill hybrid design.
  35. Opinions Please - You No There's No Short Supply On Here
  36. Starting to think about a new machine
  37. Dual drive Gantry, how fast are your speeds?
  38. Piranha CNC
  39. Fixed Gantry Design - Input Appreciated.
  40. Vacuum Bed
  41. Design for 4' * 3' gantry cnc - help me decide
  42. Big-ish router concept review
  43. Greetings and CNC build soon to start, advice needed.
  44. L gantry design with 2 aluminium beams bolted with T nuts inside...
  45. What thickness steel for mounting plate for bearings to gantry
  46. epoxy question
  47. Mach3 Auto Tool Zero help
  48. Assortment of questions on design
  49. Running CNC Router at 25mtr/minute
  50. Building My First CNC Router, Looking for Advice & Other Info
  51. BFT 20mm rail
  52. Mini lathe as a 4th Axis
  53. Confused about stepper sizing
  54. 1st CNC Router: Overwhelmed - Some advice please?
  55. Advice and opinions 3 axis gantry for cutting Ply / Hardwoods
  56. Moving bed - bearing spacing?
  57. Homemade CNC with Scrap + Chinese parts || Objective: Milling Aluminium ||
  58. My CNC 300*440 for processing aluminum alloys and hardwoods.
  59. Centroid Acorn CNC Controller
  60. Is there a 'standard' base design, or does everyone start from scratch?
  61. Help Please for Moving Gantry
  62. Couple of questions about carriage positioning on X axis and z axis rails
  63. Ballscrew cleaning methods.
  64. Design Study: Rail Inline With Ball Screw
  65. Bearing rail leveling
  66. Steppy CNC (my own desktop CNC design, looking for advice and opinions)
  67. Need advice on gantry design
  68. CNC 520*1020*220 for hardwoods.
  69. Design of small router (700x900) for aluminium
  70. Zaxis Ball screw question
  71. parts just for wood and plastic
  72. trying to keep the machine close to the cutting area
  73. welding steel base or just getting aluminium extrusion
  74. Aluminium Extrusion Router Build
  75. Router table wheels
  76. anyone willing to make a hole guide specially for rails?
  77. Bench-top or welded frame
  78. Alloy 5083 Tooling plate Suitable for gantry build?
  79. Small CNC for guitar inlay work - general thoughts
  80. Moving gantry and table on the same axis - why not?
  81. Help planning a small(?) router for aluminium please
  82. Is this an okay way to mount gantry to linear bearings?
  83. Dust shoe self making + 3D model
  84. Anyone tried Z-Axis from Fred at BST?
  85. Which Machine
  86. Probably a Stupid Question.
  87. Sanity check - thread size for linear rails
  88. mach3 Referencing Issues
  89. Anybody recognize these extrusions and connectors?
  90. Missing codes in auto tool changer
  91. servo motor and its driver are acting strange
  92. What a (rusty) screw up!
  93. How to find the right pin and Port for my PWM / and or Analog voltage output?
  94. Replaced faulty driver, now that axis runs in reverse
  95. Rebuilding gantry
  96. Hiwin vs BLH - Automation Overstock - Anyone have hands on these?
  97. What material for a frame?
  98. Added steel channel to X-axis c-beam
  99. Which stepper driver is a good alternative to Gecho 540
  100. Buying advice page thoughts
  101. europe linear rails / ballscrew kit
  102. CNC Router Build I am a new member, Gordon a retired farmer 70 yrs young.
  103. Z axis reduction question
  104. Steel framework damping suggestions?
  105. Newbie Machine Build Log (Fancy Machine)
  106. Gantry extrusion shape
  107. Rigidity of aluminium profiles and rectangular tube sections....
  108. Tips for beginner with small gantry engraver
  109. Unusal Z-axis arrangement?
  110. Checking out a machine. Any tips?
  111. Looking for 4th axis build advice
  112. Chinese ATC spindles
  113. Stepper motor needs replacing
  114. What would YOU do with all this?
  115. is surface grinding worth it ?!
  116. Sunfar E550 VFD....anyone have any experience please?
  117. Epoxy levelling, what's that magical spray ?!?
  118. How to find the error of my CNC
  119. The dude butchered my aluminum extrusion :( !!!
  120. Ballsrew or rack and pinion ?
  121. Newbie, CNC Router machine choice...please help.
  122. Use Epoxy for a reference straight line
  123. Limit switches, inertia and controllers
  124. Steel or Aluminum,that is my Question
  125. CNC suggestions for engraving aluminium plates for hot foil printing (fine details)
  126. Help with setting up proximity sensors and Mach 3
  127. School me on the best machine for big hardwood
  128. Starting do design out my build, looking for critique
  129. Spoilboard surfacing - strange problem/result
  130. Gantry advice please
  131. Help building toroidal supply
  132. Linear rails
  133. Steel x axis idea
  134. (TUTORIAL) Butt-joining profile linear rail with limited tools