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Lee Roberts
28-07-2007, 01:41 AM

First i would just like to say that i think this site is a very good idea and i hope it works out well, we have not found one like it focused on CNC for members of the uk.

CheekieMonkies make handcrafted wooden items consisting of Door Plaques, Clocks, Hooks, Picture Frames and so much more. We are currenlty looking to automate as much of our craft work as possible, particurly our door plaques as each letter is currently cut by hand using fret saws and other hand tools.

We have considered building our own CNC Router Table and as such have recently purchased a set of plans from Nick over at http://www.rockcliffmachine.com, we are now in the build stage of our machine and look forward to posting our Build Log.

Good Luck with the site and i hope you have continued success with it..


04-08-2007, 09:32 PM
Excellent! Another Rockcliff plan buyer :D

I think your post also answers a Q I had in an earlier post :oops:

I'm looking forward to this trip. Let's press the odometer reset button and hit the pedals!

Anyway that's all the posts in the greets forum replied to ... off to attend to supper!

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