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01-07-2016, 10:22 AM
Hi MYCNCUK users,
I have been involved with NC & CNC for over 35 years.
I am an old school G & M code programmer, no CADCAM for me (not yet).
I work for a large German Machine Tool Company as an Applications & Training Engineer, I love my job turning customer drawings into their components.
For a longtime now I have had a desire for my own CNC machine, I have not liked the eBay offerings etc and the cost of some of the kits just puts it out of reach for normal humans.
So after much research I am planning on building my own based on 80/20 aluminium profiles, ballscrews and liner rails, etc.
This will be my place to post my progress and also where I ask all the dumb questions, especialy the electrical ones!!!!

Looking forward to this

Ian :GB_bonesrock:

Clive S
01-07-2016, 02:36 PM
Welcome to the forum (some times mad house) Ian.

A good start would be to have a read through some of the build logs on here to get an idea of the different ways people have achieved their goals.

As usual the standard advise is not to buy any electronics as kits or indeed any rails, screws etc. until you have an idea of what you would like your new toy to do ie cutting timber is a lot different than aluminium.

It would be good if you could get your designs into some sort of CAD like Sketchup or Fusion 360. Although I don't use Fusion 360 it is very powerful and has CAM built in. It is also used by quite a few members on here.

Good luck with your bulid