View Full Version : FOR SALE: For Sale - Small D/Top CNC/Mach3 router

04-07-2016, 02:35 PM
For Sale - Small D/Top CNC/Mach3 router. Chassis of a Step Four 540 fully converted to Mach3. Comes with all hardware to run. Computor, Controller, Router head etc. Footprint 850x 580x 350. Working area 540x 320x 75.
Auto zero tool setter. Base work clamps. This is not an elegant machine. But it does everything it should, as it should. Served me very well for some years.
I have pics and vids of machine working for email to serious enquirers.
Incorrectly priced! Should be ŁNOW SOLD THANKS
*Please note Kress spindle shown is not part of this offer.