View Full Version : Needs helps to see if will work this machine.

17-07-2016, 12:12 AM
Hey guys, looks like i finished my new design, Hope someone can tell me whats is wrong.

The total machine size will be like 1400x1400mm and travel X/Y close to 1000x1000mm

Will be using 150x150mm steel tubing and will use screws (just need to weld in one place (where the X Ballscrew move the Y Gantry.

This machine will be used for woodworking. I already ordered hiwin rails for aluminium machine but the woodworking one will be the first that will build.

Image #4 display the unique two pieces that will welded together.

Any tip will be appreciated.

My metal working machine will be similar but will use 200x200mm instead 150x150mm in the Y Axis.

Tubing are close to 10mm and plates are 12,7mm!