View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: First time user - Possibly able to get a denford triac cheap

30-07-2016, 01:33 PM
Hi guys&gals

So ive been watching the world of CNC for a while now with the intention of purchasing a machine for my business (plaster moulds).

The main reason for wanting a machine is to cut out profiles. Currently this is all hand drawn, then cut out of sheet metal by hand, filed and sanded. Then set up on a running mould like the one below


Ideally i want to be able to have a machine do this for us.
The wood it is fixed to is also cut to shape behind the tin to follow the profile, so i would like to be able to cut some Sheet wood (ply, melamine chip board) also.

These profiles are flat of sheet metal, but the opportunity to mill Say a thick sheef of MDF to a "3d" Pattern would also be preferable

I have the opportunity to purchase a Denford Triac.

So my three questions would be.

Would this do what i need?
What sort of price do these fetched used in working condition
and...can i hook it up to my work PC (with correct software)

cheers fuys