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01-08-2016, 12:42 PM
As suggested in another thread, here is a starter thread showing a collection of finished DIY router builds from members of this forum. If Lee is OK with this (could it be a sticky?), my suggestions for rules are:

Pictures / video of the finished machine only (no build progress)
Specification of the machine
Hyperlink to your build log (if there was one)
Materials you machine with it
Maybe some comments on how it runs, what you might change next time etc.

No follow-on comment replies or the usual thread discussion, just the single post. Here is mine to kick things off. Feel free to add yours after it . . .
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CNC router MK3:
18968 18984 18985

18986 18988


Footprint approx: 1200x700mm
Cutting area approx: 800x500mm
Z travel approx: 150mm
Linear movement: X=16mm supported rail, Y=Hiwin 20 square, Z=Hiwin 15 square
Transmission: 1:1 ball screws 1605
Motors: X,Y,A = Nema23 3Nm at 72V (DIY linear PSU), Z = Nema23 1.8Nm at 72V, all DQ860MA analogue drives
Breakout board: DB25 (Free simple board which came with the drives - OK so far . . .)
Spindle: 1.5 kW watercooled spindle with Huanyang vfd/inverter
Frame- 80x80 heavy gauge aluminium profile, bolted
Gantry- 80x80 heavy gauge aluminium profile, bolted, plus aluminium box section sides, bolted

Build log: http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/6988-routercnc_MK3
Machines: liteply, wood, and occasional aluminium

1. Works very well for intended purpose (wood mostly).

2. Would go with 1610 ballscrews on X and Y next time, most likely digital drives, plus at least 2.2 kW spindle to allow tools up to 12mm.

Boyan Silyavski
01-08-2016, 10:47 PM
Let me be first then :devilish:. Tried to be short but will give some more details so its easier for people to see the main points. I think video is better than pictures if possible.

The Yellow Machine


Footprint approx :1300x600
Cutting area: 1000x400
Z travel 180mm
Linear movement: Hiwin 20 square supported rails
Transmission: 1:1 ball screws 1610, 1605 on Z
Motors: nema 23 3nm at 70V, AM822 drives
Overhang -tool tip center to gantry/rail distance 133/165mm
max rapid speed 10000 mm/min
max working speed 5000 mm/min
acceleration 800mm/s2
frame- 100x100x3mm steel, welded
gantry- 100x100x3mm steel, welded
gantry weight: ~60 kg
total weight: ~200kg
parts price: ~3200euro

Build log (http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/6457-Sturdy-and-Fast-all-Steel-CNC-my-first-build/page9)
Machines: 3d models, fiberglass, plastics, aluminum

1.Meant to machine long toolpaths and very fine detailed yacht models, hence the small 0.8kw spindle, which still permits a nice deep cut in aluminum using 6mm cutters. Frame is overkill for wood, meant for aluminum machining. Could handle up to 7kw spindle

2.Free plans in Sketchup A Sturdy Steel Framed Machine Design (http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/6979-A-Sturdy-Steel-Framed-Machine-Design)
Fully scalable to 3000x1250x200 with minor changes to accommodate for bigger size ball screw and eventually rotating nuts. Keep all other distances and profile sizes. Most parts could be laser or plasma cut

The Violet machine

/will make a better video showing all the machine and remove that/


Footprint approx :3300x1800
Cutting area: 2600x1300
Z travel 200mm
Linear movement: Hiwin 20 square supported rails
Transmission: 3:2 ball screws, X 1610, 1605 on Z, 2510 with rotating ball nuts on Y
Motors: Samsung AC 230V servo 400w on all axis
Overhang -tool tip center to gantry/rail distance 110/120mm
max rapid speed 20000mm/min
max working speed 15000/min
acceleration 3000mm/s2
frame- 100x100x4mm steel, welded,
gantry- 100x100x3mm steel, welded, 10mm plate reinforced
gantry weight: ~180 kg
total weight: ~800kg with bed
parts price: ~7000-8000euro /3000euros linear movement, 1000euro frame, 1500euros second hand servos, etc./

Build log (http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/6619-Quite-an-Unusual-one)

1. Meant to machine all day long aluminum, wood, including occasionally mild steel. Extremely low overhang.
2. Almost floor stander, 1 person could easily load heavy materials on table.
3. Extremely low weight to strength ratio. typical similarly strong machine weight >2.5 tons. Could handle up to 15kw spindle easily

02-08-2016, 02:14 PM
Tour video: <span style="color: rgb(51, 51, 51);">


Footprint approx: 1000x730mm[/COLOR]
Cutting area approx: 700x300mm
Z travel approx: 90mm
Linear movement: X=16mm supported rail, Y=Hiwin 20 square, Z=16mm supported rail
Transmission: 1:1 ball screws 1605
Motors: X,Y,Z = Nema23 3Nm at 70V, all PM752 analogue drives
Breakout board: ZP5A-INT
Spindle: 2.2 kW watercooled spindle with Huanyang vfd/inverter
Frame- 60x60 heavy gauge aluminium profile, bolted
Gantry- 60x60 and 120x60 heavy gauge aluminium profile, bolted - various other profiles used in the 6 series range

Build log: http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/5139-It-s-begun
Machines: ply, wood, plastics, aluminium and very occasionally steel

02-08-2016, 07:02 PM
My mini-mill, designed to cut aluminium.


Footprint - 600x1000 (inc stand)
Cut area - 300x400
2.2kw water-cooled spindle
2.5kw ABB sensorless vector drive
4Nm Nema 23 motors 1:1 all round
48v psu
UCC100 USB motion controller

02-08-2016, 10:49 PM
My CNC Router originally designed to cut balsa and lite ply only, now cuts wood, plastic, aluminium and even steel.


Footprint approx: 1350x950mm but now vertically mounted so physical floor space now less...
Cutting area: 970x500mm
Z travel approx: 100mm
Linear movement: X=20mm NSK profiled rail, Y= THC 15mm profiled rail, Z= THC 15mm profiled rail
Transmission: 1:1 ball screws 1610 on X & Y, 1605 on the Z all connected to the steppers with belts.
Motors: Y & Z = Nema23 3Nm at 70V via DIY PSU, Leadshine AM882 digital drives. Xaxis Nema34 8Nm @ 230V, Kinco driver
CSMIO IP-M controller
Spindle: 2.2 kW watercooled spindle with Huanyang vfd/inverter
Frame- 50x50x3mm steel with X axis rail supports 100x50x3mm steel box, frame bracing/triangulation/bed slats 50x25x3mm steel box
Gantry- 20mm Aluminium Tooling Plate, bolted - Z axis front 40mm thick Aluminium tooling plate

Build Log (http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/2148-Comments-sought-on-new-build-A-CNC-Router-for-RC-Gliders-and-Planes)

You Tube channel CNC playlist... (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpfvjf6gVZfc8aXmzZQoQgJiM6P_Y9uAH)

23-05-2018, 08:37 PM
This is great gents, but what about for the budget conscious? I'd like to see some currency numbers $$$ or whatever you deal in. If I had an unlimited budget, I'd build a very different machine, or perhaps just go buy a Tormach or Haas machine and be done with it. Is there a sticky for those trying to build metal milling machines on an uber budget?
Certainly this is helpful in terms of design concepts and proven engineering.

24-05-2018, 07:34 PM
There are many, and many, and many reasons for everything.

Boris S has great results and great stuff at the midrange costs.
Excellent work.

Endless cheap stuff on china import machines at various levels of cost from 1k-20k abound online.
My own stuff on the big VMC is 99% done and will be functional soon (-again. Version 5).

You mentioned costs:
Technically I would have been far better off buying a carcass and refitting cnc kit of choice.
But that was not obvious at the time 13 years ago, and the one-time major outlays of cash have been spread out.

90% of what people "think" is wrong - on milling steel - somewhat efficiently.
Vastly more rigid, vastly more heavy, is the right choice.
And yes, milling steel is .1% of the people building cnc stuff. Or less.

Even then, my servo motors are tiny small nema 23 servos, 400W, 3Nm peak, 3000 rpm, 5000 counts, 60V.
Not expensive, a full kit 290 including 22% IVA or approx 240 without tax, landed here in EU.
I import them by box of 10 and sell off some excess sometimes to DIY.

My 2400 kg VMC is very light in terms of double column machines.
Everything depends.
It is also very cheap, circa 45k vs 200k for a similar commercial one.

24-05-2018, 08:25 PM
Hi guys
This is supposed to be a finished build thread to help newcomers with some ideas for their machine. See intro in post 1. I’ve asked Lee to moderate the last 2 posts into into a new thread. Thanks for your understanding and happy machining.

24-05-2018, 10:21 PM
My fault! Apologies. Thanks for the response hanermo2!