View Full Version : FOR SALE: Unfinished Project - Fixed Gantry M/C - 500x400x100mm Approx - Cost over 3K in parts

14-08-2016, 12:12 PM
19024190251902619027190281902919030190311903219033 19034Unfinished project!

Selling my machine as unfortunately a change of circumstances means I no longer have time to finish it.

Looking for 2000 - Has cost me over 3000 in parts alone.


80x80mm profile alu frame.
Solid 20mm Aluminium bedplate and Gantry uprights.
2.2kW 18000RPM Hertz Spindle (Cost 450 including import taxes etc from Turkey)
Inverter panel
Main control panel
3 x DM542A Microstep Drivers
3 x Nema23 3.0A 23HS9430B Motors 3NM / 425oz
THK HSR30 Profile Rail Bearings on X & Y axis (These are worth over 500)
Profile Round Rail on Z-Axis (I'm also including some Linear Rails and Bearings should you wish to swap - these alone are worth over 150)
1605 Ballscrews on each Axis
HP Laptop with parallel printer port also included (note: battery dead - needs to be plugged in to run)
Mach3 software installed.

Also a box of bits and bobs including limit switches, junction boxes, aluminium plates, 2 boxes of caphead screws, din rail terminals etc etc.

Please note - this machine is VERY heavy and large (I'll fill in specific details later) so you'll need a van and a couple of people to lift.

This machine will cut aluminium (I've used it already to cut some of the parts I then added to it) - I have a couple of videos that I can probably upload to youtube if needed.

It is a very sturdy, well built machine, that's probably 95% complete. Might be a weeks worth of work to finish it completely.

It looks a bit grotty in the photos as I had to disassemble it when we moved house recently and I stuck loads of brown tape around the frame to keep all the bits together - Over the next couple of weeks I'll be cleaning it all up.

Can demonstrate it running.

Collect from Sandiacre, Notts, NG10 - 2 mins from J25 of the M1

Any questions, please feel free to ask.

Photos and updates to follow

14-08-2016, 01:05 PM
It might be worth completeing the project and then trying to sell. Not sure how many want to risk 'unfinished' and get into a nightmare of a fix / build.

14-08-2016, 02:54 PM
Can you give cutting area

18-08-2016, 03:31 PM
It looks like a very nicely built machine, even with the brown tape marks on. Cleaning that should be no trouble for anyone buying the machine, and I definitely think it is well worth 2000+, especially if you also can demonstrate it working, which you say you can. I do agree that it may be easier to sell for an even better price if it would be completed, but even as it is since it is actually a working machine, not just parts and promises, you should have no problems if you find the right interest group. Try here as well:


There is more life on that forum even if it is a USA based one. There are probably other forums as well.

I am sorry you have to give it up when you are so near the finishing line, and wish you good luck with the sales.