View Full Version : Next steps, another machine

16-08-2016, 05:51 PM
Hi All, A while back I introduced myself, I was looking at what to buy. I ended buying a very small machine which I have to say has been perfect for my needs and Ive run it daily since getting through the initial curve.

I'll post a picture below. its a great little machine and very accurate, someone custom made it from Unislide dovetail slides and they are extremely accurate. Most of what I make is no bigger than 50 x 30 x 100 mm so a small machine is all I need as long as it has the repeatably. I run mine on linuxcnc which Ive found fantastic and does everything ive needed it to.

The alternatives ive seen all run using GRBL which for me will be a minor headache, but not a deal breaker.

So i'm looking for a new machine, not to replace but to run alongside
Ive seen a few Mf70 conversions but i'm not convinced on them. I think mostly they would be ok for what I want but the spindle doesnt look like its up to much

So bear with me! I want to make small panels no bigger than 40mm x 75mm x 4mm thick bear that in mind, i'm not after using it for anything else.

If I could source the same parts and build something for the same money I would. I'd love another of the one I have, but I got a quote for one unislide of the same spec for 300!

Any advice and pointers to components would be much appreciated.19042