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23-08-2016, 10:45 PM

I have already introduced myself and my project in "new member (http://www.mycncuk.com/threads/9694-Hello-from-Slovenia-first-time-CNC-builder?p=78591#post78591)" forum so i'll cut to the chase. This is my first ever diy machine which is finished now. Again, thank you JAZZCNC for all the help you offered. I have no idea how i would connect all the electronic otherwise! I am very satisfied with the result but there are still some problems to solve before i could say it's perfect build (for me at least). I made a short video to capture the whole procedure of making the machine. Here it is:


The parts i used are:

4x 400W AC servos
Cs-lab motion controller
2.2kw W/C spindle (the spindle is unscrewing all the time. Had to disassembled it several times. Next time I will glue the upper screw!)
Optidrive E2 VFD (blew up Huanyang vfd - thank god, my ears are grateful now)
Steel frame (60x60x5)
6082T6 aluminium plates
All rails and ballscrews are from TBI Motion
x axis: 20mm rails, 2005 ballscrews, double ball nut
y axis: 15mm rails, 1605 ballscrew, double ball nut
z axis: 20mm rails, 1605 ballscrew, single ball nut
rapid moves: 7500mm/min with 1:2 ratio belt
Cheapest angular ball bearings for ballscrew supports. (maybe here lies the problem which i'll describe later)

I imagine the machine won't be done 100% anytime soon since there are always some upgrades. Here is the latest pic:


And the test cut i made for measurements. Not sure if I am lucky or :cool::


That is X axis, Y axis was not that accurate, need to calibrate it a bit.

So that's about it. Hope i could get some help to resolve the issues i still have.

Thanks for watching.


24-08-2016, 07:44 AM
Hi Husky,

Fantastic build thanks for sharing. Machine looks really capable. Big Metallica fan so enjoyed the sound track too!

Would like to see a video of it cutting when you are ready.

What is the idea behind the 2 base frames. Is that so you can also mount it on a bench or is it just for leveling?

If the angular contact bearings are like mine (and many other forum members) they have axial freeplay which needs to be shimmed out.

You might want to copy this post into the 'finished machines' hall of fame :

Well done.

24-08-2016, 07:05 PM
Really nice build, Husky. +1 on seeing it cut..!