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29-08-2016, 01:37 PM
Hi folks,

A few years ago i achieved my degree in 3D Design and i want to start my own business printing my models off! unfortunately in Torbay there's not much call for a 3D Designer so I'm bricklaying/building for a living and I hate it!

I've been looking at the Chinese Manufactured CNC machines and noticed the quality is hit or miss but it looks like its all i can afford?!
I am after either an 8'x4' or 4'x4' with a 4 inch cut on the Z axis! (would like an 8x4. (need to build a new shed though :P)
I shall be cutting MDF, Wood! (picture frames, wall hangings, boxes, sculptures... ..etc...)
I want to start selling my things in local shops, ebay and car boot sales!
Needs to be 240v ran off a UK plug (or adapted to)
Budget so far for the machine is about 2,500 (excluding tax haulage.. ..etc)

What Machines have you had the BEST experence with?
Where to order from and what questions to ask?
What are the import costs into the uk? (tax, haulage)
Im not sure if this matters but i'm a big fan of linux/mac machines, so what software do you folks use?!

basically I need a goal so I stop spending and actually work to a deadline. :P

29-08-2016, 01:59 PM
Double your budget and have a look at the Zapp Automation thread for their new CNC machines.
If you buy from China to run a business with buy two so that when one breaks and you're waiting for parts/service/translation you have something to run your business ;-)
Use LinuxCNC or Mach3, both work. I find the user based support through the forum for Mach3 far to be second to none and Mach3 is based on an industry standard controller so there's always a post processor available that will do all the basics for any CAM you use,

29-08-2016, 02:49 PM
@magicniner (http://www.mycncuk.com/members/10917-magicniner)

So they are that bad then!
I've seen Zapp are based in Poole. thats not too far from me. :)
Although the machine doesn't seem big enough for my requirements.

My neighbour owns a bed company and I would like to supply her with Baroque Headboards.
1220mm is the absolute minimum bed working dimension of either the X or Y axis! anything smaller and the design would start to be made up of too many components/files to be viable. (already cut the sides off and mounted them to a backing plate)

saying that though the machine looks perfect for smaller products!

30-08-2016, 01:18 AM
Double your budget and have a look at the Zapp Automation thread for their new CNC machines.

Think your more like Quadruple the budget and thats for that little thing.(Which not commenting on.!) So would need small mortage for 8 x 4.

The simple truth is that 2500 is not enough for good 8 x 4. Whether that be DIY built or Bought. Well It is just about do-able if done DIY provided well kitted and clued up. But for first build it's large machine and while many think can't be any harder to build large has it is building small they'd be very wrong.
Completely different ball game and very easy to get wrong.

My advise is Save up or lower your cutting size.

30-08-2016, 08:11 AM
Our standard machine is not a clear fit for your requirements, its too small, it has also not been designed for wood. While it will have no issue with wood, its really designed for non ferrous metals, so an overkill for wood.
While we can make a machine to suite your needs, your budget will need to be re considered..

30-08-2016, 11:21 AM
OK looks like I have a lot of thinking to do! And saving! (Looks at the RSJ that just came out of a building! And wonders............) Looking into 1200x1800 approx machines now.