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31-08-2016, 05:14 PM
Hi Everyone,

I have done a fair bit of reading on the site, and I am totally impressed by the standard of work and the level of help.

My impression reading the build logs is that most if not all I've seen are beyond my capabilities as things stand.

I got interested in a DIY CNC Router building after building a 3d printer, and started looking around for kits. I'm fairly good with firmware, steppers, cad/cam/gcode, software development. Built quite a few electronic projects like amps, pre-amps. I LOVE problem solving, adapting and refining with my 3d printer.

Of course I'm aware of the Openbuild stuff, in particular the Ox and some of the variations. However, after reading a few posts by some of the more prominent members here, I get the impression that these kit designs are not highly thought of.

I notice that many of the builds in the build log on this site are machines capable of professional or near professional tolerances while cutting Aluminium at a reasonable speed.

My interest for CNC routing is for now limited to realising some designs for furniture and household objects, exclusively in ply or MDF. I would like to have reasonable precision and accuracy, and of course I don't want a machine that is worn out needs constant attention to hold tolerances after 6 months. I would also like to have a fairly large format - whatever is within the design constraints.

Being realistic, I am not going to learn to design a router from scratch, or at least not for a while yet. I am probably not going to be welding soon - although again I wouldn't rule out learning that.

I have seen things stated on this site like v-slot systems are a waste of money, a mistake, etc. Yet there are numerous accounts around from people who seem happy with their v-slot based builds, although it seems mostly for working with wood and plastic.

As things stand, I've been researching costs from China for a system based on extruded aluminium - probably c-beam mixed with straight v-slot, maybe replacing the belt drive with a ballscrew. Pretty much a beefed up Ox. I'd like to go 1.5m x 1.5m, or maybe even 8x4.

But I could be talked out of it - learn to weld, study CNC design for a few more months - let's see.

Thanks for reading if you got here!