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24-07-2009, 06:01 PM
Another new member with no gear and no idea. I am currently building a largish steam locomotive and am in that difficult position where I cannot make my mind up if itís better investing in CNC or just keeping paying the one off costs I get hit with.

I donít want to be getting into building modifying or any other time consuming exercise just an open the box solution that works. Currently I have a Bridgeport mill and Colchester bantam 2000 to do all my machining. And similar size machines that would be dual control would be ideal. Probably a small lathe that could do up to 3/4Ē diameter would do as I have lots of turning jobs that would benefit from CNC production. I am fairly conversant with AutoCAD LT and about 40% as good in Solidworks. So I should be able to knock together a drawing although how that magicís into a turned part is another mysteryí

So I guess I will be doing a lot more lurking and seeing if I can get some inspiration.