View Full Version : RFQ: I need some parts machining

Aaron Forster
18-09-2016, 01:12 PM
Hello all,

I'm new to the site, I've been a cad designer for many years now and I have a relatively simple job. In essence, I'm looking for someone who can machine some small parts from wood. I've been to all the major sites and I either get ridiculous quotes or told they're too busy to do the job.

It's a simple wooden puzzle and I have attached the stl files to this thread. There's 32 parts in total but they're all made from combinations of smaller cubes and they interlock to make a bigger cube. The file called puzzle is all of them combined.

If anyone out there has the equipment and know how to make these pieces I would very much look forward to hearing from you and if anyone out there could give me a quote that would be amazing!

Many thanks,