View Full Version : FOR SALE: FREE: Metal case 60x42x20 cm, 5 computer PSUs, in York.

19-10-2016, 06:38 PM
Having a bit of a clear out so free to collector:

- a good quality large (60 cm tall, 20 cm wide, 42 cm deep) and heavy (11 kg) tower computer case. Now completely empty but previously contained a rather obsolete Windows XP computer. All the bits for this (except the HD) are in a pile if you want them too - I removed all the electronics and plastic bits for recycling, before thinking of offering it here. So only metal left. As it is, it could be a useful case to contain CNC control electronics. The side and top panels all remove very easily. Two fans for it too if you want them. Seems too good to scrap.

- Also free to collector - five computer power supplies. There are 3x200W, 1x300W, 1x135W. IMPORTANT - two of the 200W power supplies have had the DC 0V connection to earth cut - this allows the three of them to be daisy chained to give up to 36V. Please only take and use these if you know what you are doing!

Collect only from York... would prefer collection but could be persuaded to pack & post at your cost...