View Full Version : New Motedis XYZ "kit" ... designed for 3D printing, Laser or Lightweight CNC work

26-10-2016, 03:40 PM
Hello everyone,

We are happy to present the first Motedis XYZ "kit"

There is no electronics included but the motors, heatbed and power supply are shown in the pictures simply because we thought it would be clearer :)

There is a 3D PDF online here .. where you can see in 3D exactly whats in the kit.

So.. All the hardware is included.. correct length profiles, screws and it's easy to assemble.

The "build/work space volume" is around X 300 x Y 200 x Z 200mm

NOTE : you will need an M5 Tapping bit.. a 5.0mm drill bit and maybe a chamfer bit as well.. a few Hex/Allen keys... but that's it..

We have tried to make it as cheap as possible but included higher quality parts where we think it's needed.
For example... all the T-Nuts have sprung balls so they stay in place and can be "dropped into the profile" where needed .. they're so much nicer (and faster) to assemble with.
Also you get HTD3M 9mm wide belts...Trapezoidal M10 screw, antibacklash Delrin Lead Nut.. thrust bearing, steel guides inside the aluminium profiles.. Gothic bearings and great cable chains.. and a "milled flat" 6mm thick Aluminium plate.. pulleys, guides to suit the wider belt..
It's designed for people that have an "older" machine with NEMA17 motors, Controller board, power supply, wiring etc... who would like to remove their electronics and use them on a new/different machine.
Just remember to change your firmware to a H-Bot configuration.
Of course you can also buy some new electronics, wiring, Nema17 motors and a Power supply.... it's all much cheaper (and a lot easier to get working) these days.

This machine is designed to work with most 3d printer extruder setups, Laser modules or lightweight CNC router like a Dremel or Kress

Lots more stuff coming out too.. www.motedis.co.uk (http://www.motedis.co.uk)

31-10-2016, 04:21 PM
3D Solidworks and STEP files here..

Boyan Silyavski
31-10-2016, 05:04 PM
Well that looks much sturdier than most of what i have seen out there.

31-10-2016, 05:24 PM
Thanks Boyan,

We have tried to make a single (in-expensive) kit that users/makers can easily build... then choose what "tool" ( eg. 3D printer extruder, Laser or cheap dremel style CNC ) they have to make more/another machine :)
I've seen so many electronics/hotend/heatbed?laser/CNC kits out there.
I think maybe the solution is to just supply a larger and "sturdier" hardware solution with nothing "custom" and let the users work out what they want to put in there.