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28-10-2016, 01:07 PM
Hello Everyone. Just registered today, on what looks like a very busy & well frequented forum/Website.

Have been an Engineer most of my working life, although not on CNC machines as such.

The last 10 years of working in the Aerospace industry I had been operating an XYZ Protrax milling machine. Just a basic machine, but nonetheless made my life so much better than a manual mill.

The control & Math Help solved all profile problems with ease & I could match the unit times of full CNC machines machining certain types of jobs, especially with the help of Coventry Toolholders Easy change system. Sometimes had 30 different tools set up to do 1 job. Really made my life easier.

Now have left the industry (Reached 50 fed up with bosses). Did not know what to do, but as Engineering machining has been all I knew, thought that maybe I could sell the equipment I have used all my working life to date.

Still learning a lot about Engineering, through selling the tools, especially the Lathe side of things, what with all of the various types of Carbide inserts available, which is a major part of my sales.

Off now to read through a few threads.