View Full Version : RockCliff redesign in Al Angle

27-07-2009, 12:57 PM
First off, I apologise for not reading all the threads in this part of the forum.

Basically after 18 months of use my RockCliff wore out. (see my other posting back in Feb '09) The gantry Z-X assy was so worn that the tool could be moved 5mm in Y plane. Due partly to damp.
The only space I have for my M/C is the garden shed. It gets very damp in the winter.

I set out to redesign the beast in Al angle. I discovered Google Sketchup at the same time and used it to model the conceptual design. See attached in .zip file. Once happy that the holes were in the right place I drew them up in ACad and machined the parts in our college shop.

I restricted myself to reusing all the original metal parts from the RockCliff as far as was feasible. The sketchup file is zipped for size, the entire design is in there. Learn to use cleverly and you'll get each component in its finished size, so you can take measurements and reproduce it for yourselves.

The photos are captured from sketchup. Real photos aren't so impressive!!

I'm off now to search the forum for a quiet spindle motor solution ... Any suggestions welcome.