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11-11-2016, 02:19 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm Jon, I run a small design studio/tech development outfit/invitation-only makerspace and love anything to do with automation, manufacturing technologies and working with materials in new and interesting ways. I'm a product designer by trade, but work on the cross over between physical objects and digital interfaces so I'm more interested in experimenting with technologies than actually perfecting them to manufacturing standards (don't hate me for it).

Heres a list of projects Ive done relating to the CNC field in the last couple of years:

Messed about with an industrial YASKAWA robot and hacked together some custom interface for it similar to this (http://www.robotsinarchitecture.org/kuka-prc) and this (http://scorpion-robotics.com/), it ended up working really well and allowing for extremely fast prototyping, so i ended up doing this (https://vimeo.com/123858276) for fun.

I quit the job with the robot to open up an independent design/tech consultancy and lost access to it, so I built a large delta-bot (2 meters tall) to allow me to continue experimenting with a sorta large format 3d printer - never finished the extruder part of it but it actually works really well even tho its built with unsupported 20mm rails, belts and a wooden frame, a big no-no on these forums apparently so ill spare ya the details :beguiled:.

Last thing i built was a mini CNC lathe controlled by hand gestures for my MA thesis regarding HMI , again I used 20mm rails, but it was only because i have some lying around and they were cheap! - it was a fun project and worked quite ok, obviously only for soft materials, ended up chewing up Ytong blocks on it in a kind of human-machine dance making some bowls and stuff like that. it was fun.

So yeah, i'm sorta doing art (ugh!) + machines. No engineering background here, i'm allergic to any kind of theoretical math but have a decent amount of common sense and a shop full of tools.

Ill be starting a build log on the router section as i'm in need of building a REAL machine for my shop for commercial and hobby work.

see you on the forum :tennis:

12-11-2016, 04:00 AM
Welcome to the forum Jon, it looks like you're into some really fascinating stuff!
I for one enjoy seeing different perspectives within the CNC world, and think these forums are cynical about light machine construction with the likes of belt drives on unsupported rails on wooden frames ONLY when the resulting cutting machines are clearly incapable of handling the large cutting forces involved.
We're not all neanderthals all of the time! :wink:
Please open the eyes of any Luddites here and provide more details of your DeltaBot.

12-11-2016, 09:23 AM
Always interested in different perspectives, looking forward to seeing your build.

Speaking of different, anyone got 6 steppers spare :-)