View Full Version : Engraving Traffolyte and similar laminates

05-12-2016, 05:28 PM
I'm going to be engraving some control/switch panels in Traffolyte or one of its equivalent engraving laminates. I haven't done this before, and I'm not sure what angle cutter to use. I had anticipated using a V engraving bit, but I can't visualise the finished lettering size/cut width. And no, I don't know exactly what lettering size I shall be using, but something of the order of 3-4mm character height (smallest letters) sounds about right. It also seems to depend on whether it's a 3- or 5-layer laminate because that changes the cut depth. Too many variables...

Or I could use something like a 1mm flat-ended cutter?

Anyone done this kind of work before and can offer some useful comments? I shall probably end up doing a number of trial cuts to see what it looks like anyway, but I'm about to order a few more cutters and I'm not sure what to go for.


John S
05-12-2016, 06:12 PM
Don't go above 20 degrees if you are doing 3 to 4mm high letters or they will finish up too fat and out of proportion.
A 1mm flat ended cutter will about wipe out any letters with islands such as A, B, R etc.