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JL Innovation
29-12-2016, 05:08 PM
Evening everyone and hello from little old Guernsey!

I'm James, and I run a company called JL Innovation. I specialise in motorsport & motorcycle development, but also in any project requiring innovative design, fabrication or engineering. Guernsey is a small place, so you've got to diversify to survive!

I outsource all of my more specialist work beyond design & fabrication, as there is not enough of a local market to support the purchase of a range of machines. Much easier to use UK suppliers who have far larger and well equipped workshops. I have a huge range of contacts, but with one nagging exception where I'm hoping you all can help...

I need to find a company in the UK who can provide me with turned and machined parts. They must be 100% reliable, easy to deal with, happy to produce parts from small one-offs to small batches to my drawings, and able to offer lead times preferably in the region of one week. They must obviously also be happy with sending parts out to me.

I'm sure that seems like a simple request, but I'm fed up of poor service from the bigger names in the business. Half of them never get back to you, quotes are late, parts delayed, it's a nightmare! I'm getting more and more requests for the smaller, simpler end of machining and turning work, as it's very hard to get done locally, especially if you need it in less than a month!
I operate with Solidworks, so can provide 3D models and technical drawings as required.

If anyone has a suggestion of who I could use for this, please do let me know. I've tried Google, but so often it's just the big names you find on there. The smaller machine shops, the type I'm looking to support with this work, generally don't seem to have a big web presence.

Apologies if this is the wrong place for the question, if anyone could point me in the right direction if so, then that would be appreciated.

Hope everyone has a great new year,