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04-01-2017, 05:27 PM
Hi all, happy to have found this forum, glad it exists. I'm still sick from a 3 day New Years Eve session, so apologies if this post is a mess.

I work in IT, and use my wages to buy tools and materials, mainly steel and sometimes wood. I'm a master at neither, but am of an artistic bent, and occasionally have original ideas.

So what I'd like to do is go into small scale manufacturing. Generally I tend to make furniture, and I have a table in mind that
I think would be a good starting point. I think a limited run of ten or so would be a good number, and then try see can I flog them.

So my plan for 2017 / 2018 is to build or buy a plasma table.
I have been sucked into seveal projects and at this stage, and appreciate that they can be a very very deep hole.

Is there an easy way to build a CNC table?
Or maybe there is a thread on here that would make a good template for one....

I'll have a read through and see what I find. Its always a bit daunting standing on the edge of an subject like this and thinking, 'I know nothing about this stuff'.

I can assemble and disassemble things all day long, and am okay with software, so I think maybe its something I can do.
Last year I bought a Hypertherm Powermax 45, it has hardware on it that enable it to be used with a table.

I think if managed to do this I would probably try to built very large sculptures also, seeing as how I could then use a single 8x4 sheet as a building block.
That sounds fun.

Anyways, appreciate your reading this,

ned .