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Boyan Silyavski
06-01-2017, 07:22 PM
Hi folks,

I have a new 3d printer so instead of being only a toy, let me sell you something here :joker:

In short after about 10 prototypes and extensive testing i am happy with a model of a dust shoe that i use now on my machine. On pictures is seen for 100mm OD spindle and 40mm OD hose, but as i have designed it myself from 0, i can make and print any spindle hose combination you like. So its ideal for spindles to 100mm and to hoses up to 100mm.

You could order it via my ebay add (http://www.ebay.es/itm/272512578617?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649) item number 272512578617

Below is my "sales pitch" from the ebay add with more details , but in short it will work with chip extractors without choking them and will work with any workshop vacuum cleaner. At the same time will have enough clearance to unlock the collet nut witha wrench and use 3mm, 6mm and 12mm bits without a problem. I explain more on video. Will be happey to answer more questions and suggestions.

Price. Well, the price I believe is great. 40 Euro plus 15 shipping in Europe. 60 euro if you like your logo and custom colors. Its cheaper than the cheapest quote i received on 3d hubs for a much lower quality and lower infill print, when i wanted to print it for my self. And that including the shipping cost to you. Plus the custom fit, remember.

Tell me what you think, good or bad, you know i accept criticism. Dean :toot:?


I have used various commercial and DIY solutions for Dust Shoe / Boot/ the last years. Unfortunately most of them had some minor or bigger flaws, which made them unusable with the time. So i decided to develop some simple and working dust shoe for my machine, that will cover the typical scenario.

A word of forewarning: On many product videos where they try to sell you a product, you will see how the dust shoes perfectly suck the dust and and not even a single chip is left on the table. Unfortunately in real life there is almost not such situation. On product videos dust boots are connected to powerful industrial "suckers" and 100% showing you the best scenario where a sheet is cut. So the dust boot traps 99% of dust and chips.
However what i typically do at my workshop is exactly the opposite. I cut out a shape from a wood block which is raised on a vacuum fixture, so it could be said that this is the worst case scenario. As chips and dust try to escape from the clearance between table and work block. Hence when i designed the dust shoe i had always in mind worst case scenarios, not ideal situations from product videos

What i offer here to your attention is an Universal Dust Shoe/ Boot/ which i call the Turbo Dust Shoe.

***Good for High and Low pressure vacuum cleaners and chip extractors***

-Designed for excellent flow. Big chips have excellent passage and will not get stuck inside the body.

-Hi volume Low pressure chip extractors in the 100mm hose range will not choke and loose power.

-Hi pressure workshop vacuum cleaners will work excellently with it. Even a small home vacuum cleaner will be enough to suck 100% of the fine dust and most of the chips.

-Best extractor for the job will be a typical brand shop vac with 2 stage minimum, even better 3 stage motor in the 40-60mm hose range. Where Hi Volume High pressure is achieved.

***Truly Customized for You***

-Custom made Excellent Fit - I custom print it exactly for you. That means it will fit your spindle and hose perfectly. No need for adapters and other ugly creations.

-will fit 65mm / 0.8kw/ 80mm/ 2.2kw/ 100mm/3kw/ water cooled spindles directly to the body of spindle / 10mm of spindle body is needed to be fixed. / Contact me for different size throats and spindles or routers.

- 30 to 100mm vacuum hose fit. If bigger than 100mm is needed contact me i will make one for you .

-After you order, contact me and tell me your spindle size or model and what exact size hose you will use. I need to know if the hose goes inside or will be clamped outside!!! For example i use 40mm OD hose which i simply push inside without clamping it, but a hose 100mm has to be clamped from outside. Plus almost all hoses are different, so exact diameter has to be measured. But that is the good thing, all will fit excellently when the Dust Shoe is custom made for you!!!

***More Customization***

Want your name there instead of mine? A custom color for the shoe and for the dust brush adapter? I will do one for you . Contact me with a message and tell me how you envision it. It will be only a bit more money.

***The brush and the brush attachment***

I use thin plastic sheet instead of brush, as i could cut it for each job to size, its cheap and easy to obtain. The sheet is cut to shape with scissors for a minute and attached with rubber band or cable tie. Of course proper brushes could be used. Even semi permanently attached via hot glue gun/ if need to remove just apply alcohol using brush and it will unstick for a second/

***More Details***

-It is custom FDM printed exactly for you. I use Ingeo 3D850 plastic which is very strong and temp resistant to 80C as ABS. Its stronger than ABS and common plastics. Much stronger than those Lexan Dust shoes. Its printed at 0.3mm layer, 50% infill and 3 outer leyers. Body is 5mm thick. It may have some small marks and imperfections but nothing ugly. FYI it takes more than 24h to print both pieces.

-Its very strong, but try not to crash it! Nothing to worry when normally used.

-The price is Great. If you order it anywhere else custom printed it will cost you more money, than i offer it here and i mean including the shipping to you!

-Its Open Source. You have a 3d printer? Here are the files so you can print yourself one. http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2019569

****Pictures ***

On pictures you could see how it looks on my machine. 100mm spindle / 3kw/ and 40mm OD hose. Pictures show 3mm bit, 6mm bit and 12mm bit. As you could see even when used 3mm bit there is enough clearance so brush attachment will not hit the surface, in fact its flush with bottom of collet.

***Whats included***

The Turbo Dust Shoe body and brush attachment. 1 piece of sheet so you could cut 5-6 custom sized brushes. More sheets could be included.

Questions? Contact me. I will be happy to help you.

Pictures, sb please rotate my pictures here???

2024120244 2024520246 20247 20243

From the prototyping stages
20248 20249 20242

Boyan Silyavski
06-03-2017, 03:37 PM
Some Updates

-Changed material to more expensive PETG which made it almost virtually unbreakable, and not only by hand i mean. Plastic Coca Cola bottles, if you wonder what is PETG. Imagine then a 5mm thick Coca-cola bottle.

-After making a different dozen of them for different machines and spindles and altering the design with each next one, i believe now its much more refined. Bellow are the most recent models i have made, various combinations of spindles and hose sizes.

-I sell it at ebay- item 272549828311 but also launched a new website http://cncdustshoe.com/

20981 20982 20983 20984

Printing it resulted to be a very tricky business due to the shape and so was adjusting the prints to be precise size. Tried various colors but the Grey/Red combo looks best. Though finding the Grey color PET in Europe was challenging.

06-03-2017, 07:40 PM
Looks nice, hope you sell a few :)

Must take you ages to print though? I love my 3D printer for making stuff for myself, but the speed is always the issue whenever I think of selling stuff I make with it... just doesn't really seem viable given how cheap people expect to buy things for these days.

Boyan Silyavski
06-03-2017, 09:39 PM
Thanks! The printer never stops, it works 24h, there is always something to print and now i am making 2 more printers, which i designed.

It takes more or less 20h for the shoe and 5h for the attachment. Half an hour design for the particular combo and half an hour cleaning support material. ~1/2kg of PETG for the print.

But the versatility to make a specific size product with no additional adapters is incredible. I believe major step was to print PETG and keep same price, as you know PETG is double the price of ABS.

Still nobody from the forum have bought one :hysterical: but it sells on ebay.

People expect to buy very cheap, i know. But at the end you get what you pay for. If you have a printer you know then its cheaply priced for what it is. Anyone having a CNC can fabricate a Dust Shoe, i have done that in past in various occasions. But was not 100% happy with result. To design a well thought one and make it reality takes quite some time.

Before i had a printer on 3dhubs i was quoted cheapest 65 euro plus shipping for PLA and better materials were around 90 euro. So i offer an unbeatable price with the added benefit of helping developing further the design and helping the designer. if thats not enough, it will never be...

06-03-2017, 09:47 PM
Oh yeah absolutely, I think it's extremely fairly priced (actually seems too cheap to me given the time and material!) but that was rather my point - for the amount of work and time it's very hard to make a fair return using 3D printing. The great unwashed don't appreciate that these things can take so long to print...

When I designed a dust shoe (bit more basic than yours) I just ended up putting it on thingiverse as you did and didn't bother selling any as it wasn't worth the effort.

Hopefully you can make a bit of pocket money out of it though!