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30-07-2009, 10:41 PM

I'm interested in acquiring and smallish CNC mill for aluminium parts, wood and maybe some plastic. Maybe some PCBs along the way.

Nothing too big or complicated.....

I've been looking on the web and can't find a reasonably priced ready made solution. So I was wondering what it would take to convert a manual mill (such as a Clarke) to CNC....

Lee Roberts
31-07-2009, 12:28 AM
Welcome Dave :wave:

31-07-2009, 10:53 AM
Hi Dave, good to hear from another Yorkie. Cuppas/pints should probably be arranged at some point...

Not sure how you are fixed for local sources already so sorry if this all old hat...

Have you checked with Drummonds Machine Tools (Dunnington) if they have anything small in? 01904 488978. Might get summat old but solid secondhand... and they can deliver locally too. A few years back they had a Centec or two, those are probably long gone but maybe worth asking.

Also worth getting to the Rufforth Autojumble for a look - usually a couple of machine tool dealers there with a selection of 2nd hand machines. First Sat of the month i.e. tomorrow!

I was also looking at the ex-education Denford Novamills (bench mount, complete with enclosure usually) as a coupel of those came up reasonably locally on Ebay in the last few months, before deciding to build from scratch instead. They have limited travels but are 'all there' with ballscrews and steppers in place, look solidly built and seem to be available for three figures if you get lucky. Not sure how it works re software though - you may need to buy Denford's if I understand right, to use one 'as is'. With a bit of rework though, they can be made to use any PC controller software... with varying amounts of replacement electronics as necessary...

If looking at new mills, isn't this the usual suspect for conversion?


as per


No experience myself but seems to have a good rep...



31-07-2009, 01:01 PM
Doesn't take a lot of labour hours and overheads to start adding up the costs if you want to make it a sustainable business... that Arc article ends by saying it cost him 2000ish plus a LOT of time to do his X3.

Couple of other thoughts - if you can wait til York uni term starts (mid Oct) then get a computer to control it from the computer recycling people (http://www.comprec.org.uk/forsale.php) for peanuts. That's my plan anyway!

Might also be worth placing a wanted advert for a benchtop mill on homeworkshop.org.uk (http://www.homeworkshop.org.uk/) and see what turns up?