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Vespa Mad
31-07-2009, 01:18 PM
Due to other commitments (wife, children, vintage scooters etc) I have for sale the following items:-

A Complete Isel-automation Flat bed X-Y table with motors and mounting plate on gantry for a Z-axis device. There are also the cables to link it to the SM400 very little use. Similar to the bottom right unit on this page http://www.isel-germany.de/products/product.php?lang=en&ID=p89 (http://www.isel-germany.de/products/product.php?lang=en&ID=p89)
Additional info.
http://www.iselcncmachines.co.uk/products/isel_prod/cat_cnc_mach.shtml (http://www.iselcncmachines.co.uk/products/isel_prod/cat_cnc_mach.shtml)

An SM motion control SM 400 GT continuous path controlled which was supplied to go with the above (can be seen on the SS motion control site http://sm-elektronik.de/steuerungen/e_sm400.html (http://sm-elektronik.de/steuerungen/e_sm400.html)) along with a memory card and keys.

An old late 90's Galaad dongle (software on a CD original was lost before I got it, have some on disc that seems to work with it) http://www.galaad.net/home-eng.html (http://www.galaad.net/home-eng.html)

A number of single board PCs, Arcom SBC104 with VGA displays and touch screens. I have data sheets and ARCOM utility disc software.
CPU: 80368SX 25MHz with PC/AT architecture.
Expansion: PC/104 expansion bus, 8/16-bit. Single master only.
BIOS: Chips and Technologies SCAT/SX BIOS (Basic Input-Output System) in 128KB flash EPROM
System memory: 2MB of Fast page DRAM.
Optional 128KB of battery backed SRAM.
Silicon Disk:
1MB of Intel SmartFlash, or 4MB of Intel StrataFlash.
Includes Datalight Flash Filing system FlashFXTM.
Includes Datalight ROM-DOSTM
Support for M-SYSTEMS Disk-On-Chip silicon drives.
Integrated I/O:
Battery backed Real Time Clock.
AT keyboard interface via a 6-way mini DIN socket.
IDE interface, supporting up to two IDE devices.
FDD interface, supporting two Floppy Disk Drives up to 1.44MB.
LPT parallel port, supporting SPP, and bi-directional EPP modes.
Two 16C450 UART compatible RS232 serial ports (COM1 & COM2), up to 115200 Baud.
Link selectable full-duplex RS-422 or half-duplex RS-485 available on COM2.
Watchdog timer generating an NMI or optional RESET. Link selectable 3 second or 8 second time-out.

Most software and technical details can be found in the internet. Some data sheets I have available.

I thought that I would open them to sensible offers from users of this site first rather than put them on Ebay first then telling you they were on. Can send some pics (when I take them)

Collection only (Cambridge) for the Isel & SM400.

Contact Steve at vespa_sprint_65@yahoo.co.uk

03-08-2009, 06:04 PM
Has the isel got a model number and some idea of table size would be nice

Vespa Mad
04-08-2009, 09:05 AM
Hi Peter
The label has (as best as I can make out)
Art-Nr 296101 9999
Art Nr-Spindel - Mutter - Motor
X 2111392063/2-13001
Y 2111392063/2-13001
It is large, the base is about 1m x 800mm, I will check the throw and get back to you with the X & Y travels.


Vespa Mad
04-08-2009, 09:20 PM
I have measured the travel and it is 300mm x 320mm, will try to get some pictures ready if anyone is interested.


John S
04-08-2009, 09:49 PM
Sounds like the same machine I have.


John S
04-08-2009, 10:21 PM
This little baby earns some serious coin, no way that's going.


22-08-2009, 07:35 PM
my name is josef, im new here can anybody help me, i have the same realy rare cnc controller like the beginner of this thread, its the modell sm400/gt4.
the controller has a little error, the reference job will not work at the beginning, alsow axis who should not be in motion, crashes onto the endstoppers (have on the dip-switches into the controller turned on only the x-axsis, but the Z-axis alsow drives sometimes fully and without controll!
should i fix this troubles , i need alsow a update from V9.0 to V17.?
should anyone have a newer firmware as V17.3 and do not need the older eproms, i will buy from him,
thanks for any tipps, and sorry for my bad english!

Vespa Mad
27-08-2009, 08:40 AM
The SM400 software is v16.45
I have attached 3 pictures.

Vespa Mad
27-08-2009, 08:45 AM
SM400 software is v16.45
Have added pictures (this time)
I am open to offers if anyone is interested?