View Full Version : My First CnC - Power Inverter Location

20-01-2017, 04:28 PM
Hi guys,

I am getting down to the business end of my first DIY attempt at a CNC, and my first time using a larger one.

Can you have a look at the pictures, and tell me what you think about placing the Spindle Power inverter on the close side end of the gantry so it moves with the gantry.
Possible on the outside of the 20mm gantry plate - or I could mount it on the back side of the X axis next to the side of the machine ?

I am building a metal table for it now, but don't have anything really off the table to keep the controls on , and be away from the kids.

Also - for the guys using lube for cutting, do you have a drip tray under the table, or on the table, fixed or removable?

I was thinking of making like a sink on the table under the machine, with some slightly angled 1 or 2mm aluminium, so that when the lube falls down, it drains to a funnel and into a disposable bottle?

thoughts on that one? I have never used lube before - may even just be using water, as Im going to be shaping composite, and I'm trying to lube the bit but also minimize fine dust



21-01-2017, 12:23 AM
Don't do it the vibrations and dust from the machine will Kill it quickly. Mount it off the machine and away from Dust.