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07-02-2017, 06:11 PM
ISEL Flatcom 40 CNC machine 1200 x 800

Recently my business has gone in a different direction and I am moving away from prototyping in favour of subbing this sort of work. So it is time to let go of some hardware.

If you are not familiar with ISEL CNC machines and you look them up, you will see that they produce extremely robust, aluminium extrusion CNC machines that are certainly not “hobbyist” machines.

Initially I had used the machine for cutting the standard ply and MDF sheets, but latterly I upgraded it to cut aluminium. With the addition of a dual nozzle Mist coolant system, it was fairly happy to cut the higher grades of Aluminium, despite its 20k RPM 0.65KW spindle. I had planned to get a slower 2.2KW spindle setup but never got around to it.

As mentioned, the machine comes with a 0.65KW spindle (shown in the pictures) and is fitted with a Vortex tube that when connected to a compressor will chill the air and cool the cutter to as much as -10 deg (if my memory serves). I have plumbed in an 8mm air line that runs through the E-chain to supply air to the spindle and mounted connectors on the frame. I will include another 2.2KW spindle in the sale, but it has the wrong connection for the inverter currently in use. Someone more knowledgeable than I would be able to hook it up to the KEB inverter I am sure.

The CNC is enclosed on 4 sides with vertically opening doors at the front. These are not fitted due to the ceiling height of my workshop but are obviously included in the sale.

The controllers are made by Geko (I forget the model) and work with Mach3. I have made/adapted a 17inch monitor with a touch screen panel and mounted it on a gas assisted arm. I can also include a Dell compact computer in the sale if the right price can be agreed.

The CNC can be dismantled into more manageable chunks for transit which I can assist with. We broke it down into large pieces and got it in a long wheelbase transit, but we had the luxury of a forklift to get the bed and Y undercarriage in without disassembly. Further deconstruction would allow it to fit into a normal transit. It is incredibly simple and modular in construction.

1200mm x 800mm x 140mm axis movement (the X axis gantry can be raised to increase the Z dimension)
0.65kw spindle with Vortex tube attachment
2.2 Kw spindle included
Geko controllers (use with Mach3)
Touch screen display
Mist lubricant system
KEB inverter

I have connected the machine up and tested its operation. It is all good apart from the Z axis which is skipping a few steps - so a new motor would be a good investment. In the past, this would happen when the workshop was cold leading me to think that it could be slight contraction in the frame and rails and obviously a stepper past its best.

Message me for a link to a video of it working.

I am looking for circa £6500 for the setup, but price is negotiable and I would certainly consider selling parts separately (like the mist coolant system, touch screen or spindles). If you have any questions about the machine, price or package, do not hesitate to contact me.

11-11-2017, 11:01 PM
Machine still for sale?

12-11-2017, 12:39 AM
Machine still for sale?Potentially!

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12-11-2017, 11:49 AM
Could you please send me an email, ricardrinaldo@gmail.com.
A link to a video would be great and also the location of the machine. Liskeard?

13-11-2017, 12:07 AM
Could you please send me an email, ricardrinaldo@gmail.com.
A link to a video would be great and also the location of the machine. Liskeard?I have emailed you.

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