View Full Version : Starting to think about a new machine

17-02-2017, 08:38 AM
I am starting to think about building a second machine, this time I am thinking of building something a lot more solid to be used mainly for cutting wood and aluminum moulds to be used for composite stuff. I was thinking around the 600x900 work space size but then thought maybe go up to 1200 to cover a full sheet width. That then got me thinking. At the moment I'm a little limited on space but in the future a 8x4 full sheet machine would be nice so was wondering do a build a full size gantry however use it in the opposite direction so that in time when I have more space just build a larger table. Righting this I'm already starting to re think the idea but ....

I realy liked working with the aluminum extrusion from kjn so I'm tempted to try and use that again were posable.