View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: New to CAD, looking for help in getting started cutting CF sheet

23-02-2017, 01:14 AM

I have been playing around with 3D printing for a while now, but as a Drone enthusiast what I want to look in to is cutting Carbon fiber sheet and other sheet materials.

So I have been playing with Fusion 360 learning how to use it and create models. and have come up with the model below, its a small model and the plan is to cut it from 1-2mm Carbon fiber rigid sheeting. The model is about 160mm corner to corner, so with small parts I know cutting square slots will be an issue.


My other issue is in my current house I don't have space for a CNC mill nor do I have access to one, so I was hoping there was a section of this forum where people offer CNC services. I have been looking on line but most commercial CNC services only want to deal in larger runs, but i was hoping to find a service that would be happy to do one of items. And would be able to help me learning the CAM side of CAD design so that once I do get my own machine I will have a good start.

Any way, even if i don't find a place to get my projects cut I am sure I will be able to learn lots about CNC here :)


23-02-2017, 12:21 PM
Hi Devil_WAH
Welcome to the forum.
I don't have a machine so can't help regarding your project, but if you post in FREELANCE JOBS AND REQUESTS you might get one of our forum members to do you a one off, there are some that are into RC. Regarding CAM i believe Fusion 360 does both CAD&CAM.
Enjoy your stay.

23-02-2017, 06:30 PM
Hi, thank you for the welcome.

I have seen the Cam part of Fusion but have no idea really what it all means. Hoping this forum will help me make sense of it all, and stand me in good steed for when I am ready to buy a machine.

I will have a look over in the freelance area and see who i can find :)

Thank you