View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: Miracle A5 key machine - conversion to engraver

05-03-2017, 04:56 PM
Hi all, I've been fascinated with CNC for a long time. I have a Miracle A5 which is a key cutting machine. I am considering 're-engineering' it into an engraver. It's a three axis machine and came with software which will be useless for my new purpose. Does anyone have any views or ideas on the subject?

I'm thinking I'll need to strip it back to the three motors and add drivers and software...

Am I being simplistic or stupid or both?

It's a good machine, very accurate but now superseded. It cost a lot but is now worth very little secondhand. Small engravers are very expensive so I'm thinking I might make something of value (for myself). I want it to engrave key numbers on keys so don't need anything sophisticated.

Any pointers or advice would be appreciated.