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11-03-2017, 07:36 PM
Made one of these the other day:

I'm not the first to make one of these but thought it looked like a good idea. CNC4XR7 posted this video, which he saw on mrpete's channel

I've knocked over my current oil pot more times than I remember so something had to be done. I found a few plastic non-spill containers, but they didn't appeal. So I started looking at aluminium water bottles on ebay, about 5 from China. Then by chance saw this for 50p at our local recycle centre:

I did a few calcs and decided on taking ~40mm off the top, and cutting the base down to ~70mm. This leaves about 20mm clear when the top is inverted and pressed into the base.

Chucked it up in the lathe, running at about 100 rpm and taking it easy. The nose of the chuck made a nice gentle steady. The last bit when it broke through was a bit perilous:

I cut the base down to ~70mm using the parting tool to get the cut going then finished off with a hacksaw, and then finally I used the normal LH cutting tool to tidy the edge. The bottle is very weak during this bit and it kept moving away from the tool, plus it jumped out of the jaws more than once so be careful. No photo of this bit.

Finally trimmed it down and pressed the top (inverted) into the base. As it was a very tight fit I couldn't push it down far enough to roll over the raw edge, so just cleaned it up so I didn't cut myself on it:

Wondered if the original lid would fit in the thread - and it did! This will keep bits out when not in use:

I've not filled it with oil and tried the non-spill action yet but should be OK.

11-03-2017, 09:04 PM
I just use a childs non spillable paint pot - works a treat - I tossed a rare earth magnet inside to stop it rattling off the machine. They were cheap as chips on eBay so I kept one for myself and distributed the rest to Grand Children