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14-03-2017, 02:39 AM
I just realised i have never made an introduction thread for me or Lucy.

I am Bam, I have used a CNC machine whilst at school, but that was about 20 years ago (god i feel old).
I recently purchased a used (i think self build) machine.

About Lucy, The machine:

Dimensions:X: 1000mm Y: 1000mm

Cutting area:X: 800mm Y: 720mm


Software:Mach3, Vectric Aspire, Adobe Illustrator

Driver board:CNC4X45A

Limits:Home: X, Y, Z End: X,Y,Z e-Stop

Base:12mm MDF

Gantries:20x800mm Aluminum V-Slot

Steppers:Y: 2 x Nema 23'sACT 23HS8630B (Nema23)*Step Angle:*1.8*Holding Torque:*1,5Nm*V/A:*2.7V / 3.0A

X: 1 x Nema 2357HS64-3008*Step Angle:*1.8 HOlding*Torque:1.5Nm *V/A:*1.6V / 4..2 A (http://cnc4you.co.uk/resources/57HS64-3008.pdf)

Z: 1 x Nema 17LDO Motors*LDO-42STH47-1684A (NEMA17)*Step Angle:*1.8*Holding Torque:*50 Ncm*V/A:*2.8V / 1.68A (http://reprap.org/wiki/NEMA_17_Stepper_motor)

Drives:Y: Belt

X: Belt

Z: Ball and Screw

Spindle:Kress 1050-FME

I think originally was designed for modeling foam. So she isn't very heavy duty.

The machine lives in Bradford, Although, for various reasons i am Usually in Manchester, London, Hertfordshire and Bradford.

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14-03-2017, 02:47 AM
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