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04-08-2009, 06:20 PM
I have a Marchant Dice Gantry router and looking to talk with someone about making some brakects for mounting limit switches on it. While it will mill the job I don't currently have it inclosed and would really not like having the metal shaving al over the wood shop :joker: . As that would make some very sensitive equipment not happy (it is fun enough running a full musical instrument making shop out of a 6' x 8' shed). I will be enclosing it in the future but would really like to get things a bit more under control on movement limits beyond the soft limits I am currently using in Mach.

Contact me by message or e-mail at thefool.at.free-reed-foolery.com. Just change the .at. to @ and everything should go just fine.

I am a good bit happier camper as it is as now have a planer thicknesser which seriously saves time on preping wood.