View Full Version : Entry level router for plywood furniture?

19-04-2017, 04:47 AM
Hello all,

I'm looking to get into some small scale furniture making as a side business/hobby. My starting point is furniture based on the open templates at OpenDesk https://www.opendesk.cc/ then into my own stuff.

I'm looking for advice on what would be an ideal starting point for a machine capable of doing this. I think I need a 4'x8' capable machine with enough power to cleanly cut 18mm baltic birth ply in a single pass, with or without melamine surfaces on single or both sides. I'm not too worried about new, would rather start with something second hand and see how I get on.

Is this possible for around 5k? I've seen a second hand AXYZ 4008 for about that but don't know its history or state.

Any opinions appreciated. Thanks

19-05-2017, 06:00 PM
Hey Paul,
do you know about the "machines room (https://machinesroom.co.uk/)" in London? They have a large router and they cut parts for open desk, in close collaboration with them. If you go say hi I'm sure you could gather some info about how much would such a machine cost, or maybe use their machine as a member (it's a shared workshop) to see how you get on

19-05-2017, 08:06 PM
We have a special saw to cut melamine at work which has 2 blades running in opposite directions and it still chips! I wonder how a cnc machine handles it I would think it's going to need specialist bits at least and be a nightmare with feed speeds etc.