View Full Version : Help to patch the cracks on the floor

23-04-2017, 05:33 PM
Hi all,

Iím here to get some suggestions to fix the large cracks that occurred in our house garage. Our house is very old and recently I noticed that the small cracks are getting larger.

I donít have much idea about this. I searched online and found that these kind of issues are happening with the old buildings, improper base, climate change are some other factors behind this. I need to find some methods that guarantees more lifetime to the flooring. I am also planning to arrange a workout area within this space. So I need to consult some providers who do garage floor epoxy coating from Toronto (http://www.prosealfloors.com/products-services/parking-garage-traffic-coatings/).

I am thinking of doing something myself to fix this. How about trying with a concrete slurry to fix this? Is that a good one? Or else I need to reconstruct the entire garage flooring. Any experts here? Please advise.

Thanks in advance.