View Full Version : adapting a CNC router for use with a plasma cutter

24-04-2017, 03:26 PM
Hi all.

So i bought an 8x4 CNC router table, with the interntion of buiulding it into a plasma cutting machine.
It's Chinese made, and it cost 2200 euros. Whoa thats cheap, I hear you say, and it is, but there is a vibration in the Y axis that needs to be addressed.

I think when other potential buyers heard that , it put them off, but not me, because I was going to build a table from scratch, which is a huge undertaking, so this has saved me at least 6 months build time.

There are a few puzzles. Do I go with downdraft, or a water table (rather downdraft but open to either) and do I cut the crossmembers

Thats really the crux of what I'm asking.

They are going to get in the way regardless whether i go with a downdraft or water table solution.

This was built as a router so it needed the cross members, since routing is full contact.
However a plasma torch will never physically touch the metal so it doesnt need to be built so heavily, any more.

You can see the cast table.... I've never seen anything like it, its crazy how rough it is. Regardless it will do the job and i love it.
Just got it the other day so still figuring out what to do.




with the top cover off


interesting frame!


I do realise that its a ball screw machine and thats unsuitable for plasma cutting, so I have to find some way to resolve this. I'm looking around for ideas at the mo to help me with that question.