View Full Version : FOR SALE: For sale Nema 34, single axis table (Not for CNC), ballscrew with rods, bearings/

06-05-2017, 03:44 PM
I have for sale a couple of things in the Leicester Area, I also might swap for CNC items. P&P is extra to price shown and will be done at cost or you are welcome to organise some items are very heavy. Collection is fine and normally I can do 7 days a week with notice. Near J.21 M1

1. 2nd hand Nema 34 5 wire, with cog attached I can also supply a matching cog (With grub screw attachment) or I can remove the cog with a hydraulic press if required. I will test motor tomorrow but it turns freely and has significant resistance when you connect the right wires together. Also the machine worked 2 months ago.
For perspective I have put a Nema 23 next to it That is NOT FOR SALE!


I will add measurements tomorrow not sure the amps but this is a long one and heavy one.

2. Axis table 25mm rod (Might be 30mm) and looks like lead screw drive, no bearings so do not use this for a Z! I'm using one for a single axis on my drill press.
50+P&P (Heavy 10kg+) will weigh tomorrow

3. Ballscrew assembly this is very chunky pretty certain it's got a ground ballscrew in it, minor surface rust on the smooth rod, ballscrew is mint. Turns so smoothly it's lovely! This is ideal for z axis conversion and I'm keeping one of thes for exactly that! 25mm smooth rod and 20mm ballscrew with bearings, ballnut & end bearings for the ballnut.

comes with stepper motor (8 wire) I couldn't get it to work but didn't try that hard lol, turn ok. Motor is very small but I'm sure there was a good reason they used it so might be worth something. I've took it off but you're welcome to it and mounting bracket.

This is very heavy collection is preffered 20-30kg will weigh tomorrow.

What I want
2 Nema 23 a matched pair 2-3 amp range
Not essential to my build but always open to linear slides/rails/guides but 1.5m or above only
Spindle with mounts.

If you are in Leicester Area have a cnc machine/milling machine that can make my mounting plates for the axis, including the z axis and help me assemble this then I'm very open to a deal and I have a fair more things you might be interested in.


07-05-2017, 03:30 PM
Ballscrew assembly is sold, I tested nema 34 works perfectly.