View Full Version : NEW MEMBER: We all need to start somewhere!

16-05-2017, 08:43 PM
Hello everyone.

Im just starting out on my journey into cnc after many years in manufacturing. I could really do with some sound advice from you experienced bunch.

I have a idea? it involves working with a ball made from granite, I need a cnc machine that can drill a hole and be able to engrave and that's mostly it!! the item I'm planning to work with is about 3 inches in diameter so fairly small, and desk top machine would fit the bill on space and funds. I've been doing some reading up on various cnc desk top machines and probably a 3 axis machine would work well. But any recommendations and advice would help massively!! I also had thought about building my own or buying one that could do with some tlc and still is a option.

Your hard owned advice and recommendations would be so helpful thank you.