View Full Version : Choosing a Chinese supplier

18-05-2017, 01:04 PM
OK, so taking on board the million possible pitfalls of buying a Chinese machine, are there any recommended suppliers?

I found 2 possible contenders, so any experience with these or anyone else i might try?

www.chinacnczone.com (Scotle) and www.routerchina.com (Tian Jiao)

Looking at 6090 gantry style.

Assuming all these manufacturers are really selling 1000's of these a year, one assumes most actually work to some extent, otherwise they would all end up on ebay or in a scrapyard???

Yes I know these aren't going to mill anything ferrous and even warm butter might be a challenge!

I may decide to have a crack at a DIY build instead as there is so much useful info on here...

Anyway all comments welcome!