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Jake Middleton-Metcalfe
04-06-2017, 09:10 PM
Hello CNC users!

I am looking for some advice on purchasing a 3 axis CNC router for business use.

I am a musical instrument maker running a small business. I used to be a professional model maker and in that industry used a 3 axis cnc router regularly. Here is an image of what I make. Basically its a small type of accordion called a concertina:


I always used to use the "laserscript 6090" in the model making industry, see the spec here:


In my opinion this is a great router and it would be perfect for reducing production times by making components and jigs. I would be very happy to simply own this one except it is a bit pricey for me at 4,595.00. Laserscript used to make the same router but smaller (300x300 bed size) for I believe around the 2300 mark which is more realistic to my means. That cheaper router would have probably been my ideal machine was it still made.

So could anyone please recommend a router with a min bed size of 300x300mm which is capable of cutting: plastics, plywoods and thin brass sheet (2mm brass max) as I used to do on the laserscript router. My max budget is 2500. I am really not against buying used machines.

thanks for reading and Best wishes,
Jake Middleton-Metcalfe

05-06-2017, 07:41 PM
Hi Jake
Welcome to the forum.
If i was in your situation i would place a request in the FREELANCE JOBS AND REQUESTS section, there are forum members that will build you a machine to your required spec. don't know if it would be within your budget as the control gear can get a bit costly if you are looking for reliability but it's wortrh a shot.
Good luck