View Full Version : MK4 MACH3 Motion Card Problem with output control ports. NEED HELP!

18-06-2017, 03:36 PM
I attentively followed installation instructions and to the MK4 and Mach3 setup everything well works: control of motors and ports of input. But ports of an output behave strange: when Mach sends the Torch ON command ports 2-7 when join, Mach sends the Torch OFF command ports 2-7 remain switched on and off only if to finish operation of Mach3, in case of next run of Mach3 ports 2-7 are switched off until it is sent a dresser of "Torch ON"

P.S. I have downloaded the latest version of Mach3 from the official site, the Latest version of the driver for MK4 from the official site. All programs with licenses.

Video on a problem: https://youtu.be/-kj_aEraY6Q