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19-06-2017, 02:42 PM
Hello Forum,
Having started a thread on Chinese Machines I thought I'd better introduce myself. Decided rather late in life to try a new hobby! I was programming CNC machines in the sixties, in those days we used punched paper tape read by mechanical/ optical readers to interface with the machines. Actual programming has not changed a great deal, it was still X Y and Z co-ordinates from a known datum and so on. So things havn't changed really apart from the use of computers to make life easier at the front end. A change of career ended my involvement with CNC.
So thinking I'd try a new hobby and after doing some research I went ahead and purchased a Chinese 6040 via Germany. Unfortunately having one or two issues with it which hopefully will get resolved (fingers crossed!) The machine is equipped with a 800w water cooled spindle and is at the moment running the "restricted" version of CNCUSB from Planet CNC (via China) Yes I am aware of the issues that involves. Hoping to get the machine running satisfactorily first before getting the license or upgrading the controller /drivers. Initially looking at producing plaques, signs etc. mainly out of wood. Will see what transpires. Best wishes to all forum members.