View Full Version : G2 and G3 CW and CCW wrong

keith wainwright
09-07-2017, 05:58 PM
I have been using mach3 for turning for ages now and the program that generates the code has been set to swap g2 for g3 and visa versa . Why do I have to and can I set anything in mach3 to swap the two I/e make G2 DO WHAT ITS SUPOSED TO DO.

09-07-2017, 06:16 PM
It sounds like the post processor was modified, if so you should undo the changes there rather than change anytihng in Mach3.

keith wainwright
09-07-2017, 06:24 PM
Thanks for looking . I had to modify the post processor to get the correct rotation. but I would like to have it unmodified because if I do any manual editing I have to remember to put G3 For G2 and G2 forG3 , I will make a mistake one day and may be a big bang.