View Full Version : FOR SALE: Custom Built CNC Desktop Router

27-07-2017, 05:55 PM
Afternoon all

Im selling my project that ive been builing over the last year.
Looking to get a larger workshop

Cant list everything but hope the pictures help explain

I have all the drawings of the parts ive had made
Machine is all aluminium construction

3 axis machine (electrnics for 5 Axis for a rotry table)

Machine size 800mm x 530
Working Area X=630 Y=360 Z=200


Hiwin rails
12 x Hiwin Blocks
3 x nema 21 3.1nm motors
2.2kw Spindle
Magicool pump and reservoir


5 x CWD556 Digital Drivers
KK01 Breakout Board
UC300 USB Smooth Stepper
2 x 36v Power supplys
1 x 12v Power Supply
1 x 5v Power Supply

I know there bits ive forgot. Any questions please let me know

2800 as it is or 3450 Finished